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Vlas Karpov
Vlas Karpov

A House Is Not A Home (1971).mp4 ((TOP))

As I re-listen to the CD today I can still hear the informal, home-style picking that so many listeners have told me they like about those particular performances. There's a relaxed intimacy there that I like to think is partly due to our friendship, and to the many occasions in which we sat around the house playing the old songs. Of course, much of it was due to Bob's studio technique at the time: establish a good "feel," play the song as if you really mean what you're singing about, and get it in one or two takes. If you need more than that, it's not happening, so move on. It's a way of working that has created some unbelievably great recorded performances over the years, and I have always been incredibly proud to have been a part of these three.

A House Is Not A Home (1971).mp4

You can also upload the file to a video sharing site like YouTube if you want to distribute it to the public or to select friends and family. Friends and family will appreciate a digital version of your home movie instead of a VHS or DVD that takes up space in the home or office. VHS tapes are bulky, so it declutters your house to digitize!

A few years ago, I began our in-house "Demo Days" project where I regularly set up product demos. These demos give our Advisors even more opportunities to see, hear, and touch many of the home and car audio products we sell. In fact, I often call upon Advisors to help assemble these demos, to add to their real-world installation experience with the gear. 041b061a72


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