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Ipmi Interface Driver HP Proliant Ml350 G6 64 [REPACK]

you can see that the ipmi version returned is, but the firmware version returned is 1.4.5. the easiest way to check firmware versions is to use the ipmidbc tool. if ipmidbc is not installed, install it using the following command:

Ipmi Interface Driver HP Proliant Ml350 G6 64

there is a lot of information available about hp ipmi on their website. the most common ipmi error is "no device found" because the majority of ipmi devices do not respond to an ipmi_version command. it is impossible to program a client with the hp ipmi device so we have to work with the server.

there are two types of ipmi server configuration, basic mode and advanced mode. basic mode is the default and offers no additional management features such as hot-plugged power. advanced mode includes a lot more features such as having access to the system bios, and "hot-plugging" of power, which means that the bios can program the system to start up in the most efficient configuration. hp ipmi has an easy to use web interface for basic mode. in order to access the advanced mode, we must use the command-line interface on the server.

this hp proliant server has ipmi 1.5 with no authentication. the ipmi software version is if you have installed the proliant service pack 2016.10.0_1, the ipmi software version is 1.5. i can see that the ipmi device has two ips, one is 192.168.10 and the other is 192.11. i was able to connect to the ipmi software with the following commands.

in order to perform this probing, ipmi_version must be configured with options to target the specific bmc's udp service port. in this case, ipmi_version is configured to target the udp port 623, and it will return a response indicating the ipmi version on the target. the example below targets all devices with an ipmi port running on the udp port 623.


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