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Buy Sapphire Earrings Online

In the Middle Ages, sapphire was considered to be the symbol of heaven, due to which it was worn by the clergy as well as ordinary people as they thought that the gemstone would attract heavenly blessings. Sapphire has been associated with many other symbolisms in many centuries throughout history and across cultures worldwide. Such is the depth of its colour that it is the standard for measuring other blue gems, especially blue topaz and tanzanite.

buy sapphire earrings online

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Sapphire is a classy stone that makes for a classic selection of jewellery that can be worn by anyone anytime. You can choose from a wide range of designs, from studs to drops and everything in between, when you buy sapphire earrings online at BlueStone, your one-stop jewellery shop. Explore a world of fine jewellery by browsing our exquisite collection of handcrafted earrings available in different shapes and sizes. The pieces in our assortment of earrings are a perfect match for every attire in your wardrobe. Whether you want office wear earrings or earrings for special occasions, our sapphire earrings will fit the bill.

The Soika Earrings have no match when it comes to extraordinary elegance. They are symbols of grace and are stunning earrings made of 18kt gold plated with rhodium to give them a white gold appearance. The pair features a brilliant cut sapphire and multiple diamonds that accentuate its looks. These heavenly pieces are pure bliss. We have many more earrings in our collection that combine the brilliance of diamonds and the sensuality of sapphire. The Floral Harmony Earrings, the Wondrous Fusion Earrings, the Floral Daze Earrings, and the Equitable Saga Earrings are a few of those. All of these enchanting stud earrings are made of 18kt white gold and studded with either one or more blue sapphires and multiple diamonds. We also have studs for men. The Belmont Stud for Him is made of 18kt white gold and features a square-shaped sapphire with a brilliant cut at the crown. Who said only women can flaunt and look good wearing sapphire earrings? With our attractive sapphire earrings prices, anyone can!

The remarkable color is captured in these cubic zirconia and sapphire earrings, showcasing a vibrant square-shaped sapphire framed by double halo of pave clear cubic zirconia set in sterling silver 925 .

New-York-based Agmes creates their lightweight sculptural designs in-house, in small batches, using metals which are nearly all recycled and worthy of heirloom pedigree. The brand maintains a minimal carbon footprint by even sourcing their packaging in New York. With an assortment of traditional jewelry offerings, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, as well as brooches and organically-shaped metal and glass objects, Agmes is a standout for affordable, sustainable and fairly-made pieces.

You can browse by style, by color, or by precious metal. Search for blue sapphire earrings, hoop sapphire earrings, gold hoop earrings with sapphires, or clip/post sapphire earrings. Could you use some pink earrings to match an outfit? Just take a peek at our pink sapphire earrings! And wait until you see our multi colored sapphire earrings... You'll quickly imagine all the outfits they'll jazz up!

Velvet blue stud sapphire earrings come quickly to mind, and they are a truly stunning fashion staple. But then let our sapphire jewelry designers turn your head with a striking selection of over 100 sapphire earring creations! Go from simple and elegant to artsy crafty with rough-cut sapphire earrings. You'll notice that sapphires are gorgeous with gold, and they look like icy blue water with silver.

Looking for hoops, studs, drop earrings and threaders to mix & match for a personal style touch? Our selection of earrings are expertly crafted with 100% recycled 14k gold, sterling silver, and other precious metals. We also work in ethically sourced precious gemstones, diamonds, and pearls for added sparkle. Be sure to check out Catbird's best sellers for our most loved earring stacks to style with and gift to someone special. Catbird's collection is handmade piece by piece in our Brooklyn studio and by our trusted partners using solid gold, to last a lifetime and never fade. Visit us in person in our Brooklyn & Soho stores, or shop online today. 041b061a72


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