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The Mother YIFY

"The Mother" is a weird low-budget movie, touching at least two uncomfortable themes not usually explored in the cinema: denial of love of mother for their own son and daughter, and lust and passion in the third age.The characters are awful: May is a disgusting old lady and I believe it is impossible to feel any kind of sympathy or sorrow for her. She confesses that she did not love her son and her daughter. She cheated her husband twice with an intellectual. She steals the beloved man of her daughter, not to protect her from a guy without moral, that does not love her, but just because she feel horny with him. She is trying to organize her life after the loss of her husband in the worst possible way, destroying her daughter delusions. Paula, her daughter, is a fragile loser, who accepts her life the way it is. Her brother Bobby is a man who lost his savings because of his wife, who insists in having her shop, a terrible business indeed. Darren is an amoral addicted jerk who does not like anybody, even himself.The acting and direction are excellent: the actresses and actors have outstanding performances and the direction is very precise. I liked this movie, but I recognize that it is recommended for very specific audiences. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): "Recomeçar" ("Re-Start")

This has nothing to do with the reality of the so called devils of Loudun and the case of the local vicar Urbain Grandier and his conflict with Cardinal Richelieu, eventually leading to his burning at the stake. This is an entirely Polish paraphrase on the phenomenon set somewhere in the wilderness in an apocalyptic landscape of desolation with no trees, no music except monastic monodies, sterile surroundings and a bleak environment, like changing the whole situation into some dark medieval times. Instead, this is a thoroughly stylistic film using the obsession of the nuns for ballet-like performances of striking cinematography and efficient beauty, while there is no actual story here. A young priest comes to the convent of the nuns to do something about their obsessions, which he ultimately fails in, as he himself becomes infatuated with the beautiful abbess mother Joan, who dominates the entire film. A previous priest has been burnt at the stake for being alleged to have seduced the nuns and caused their obsession, here is the one parallel to the case of Urbain Grandier, but all the rest is Polish conjecture. The film is worth seeing for its stylistic treats, but there has never been made any correct or convincing film of what really happened at Loudun. The only one who has tried to investigate the case thoroughly, as far as I know, was Aldous Huxley.

Written and directed by.. (but not starring... that's sometimes a movie killer).... Mike Roma. A millenial is glued to serial dating. And to his phone. Danny, (Patrick Reilly) comes back east from LA for a job prospect, hangs out with his high school friends. He resents his mother when she starts a good relationship with a new guy. When things get rocky and he can't find a job, Danny wants to head back to LA. Something has to work out. Can he get back on track before the drugs and drinking really get him into trouble Co-stars Kathy Najimy and Mike Rosen. It's cute. Has its funny moments and some serious moments. Kind of fluffy, but not bad.

Three women go out on their annual trip to the woods where they fish, talk, smoke and enjoy themselves. They are kidnapped by two moronic hillbilly men who bring them home for their mother. They rape, torture and beat one of the woman to death while the mother watches. The other two escape and plot their revenge.This movie isn't as bad as it sounds. The violence and gore here is strong and disturbing but I found this a lot less offensive than "Last House on the Left" and "I Spit on Your Grave". Those two seemed to find some sort of pleasure out of showing innocent women being tortured, raped and beaten. This movie doesn't come off that way. We identify with the women from the very beginning and are rooting for them all the way through. The mother and her sons are shown as sick, repellent people from the beginning. The violence is, as I said, strong but this movie has very little nudity like the other two do. And the finale is certainly a rouser (in a sick sort of way).The acting is surprisingly not bad. No one is fantastic, but no one is horrible either. The actress playing the mother is especially good. Also for a low budget picture this looks incredibly good--bright vivid colors and professionally shot. Good music score too which perfectly fits the mood of the picture.It isn't perfect-it has its dull spots, the comedy is terrible and the ending was just lousy. Still, if you have a strong stomach and want a taste of good old graphic 80s horror, this is for you!

Co-written and produced by Charles Kaufman, brother of Troma Entertainment co-founder Lloyd Kaufman, this is a rough affair all about an insane woman and her two even crazier sons capturing and torturing three young women. It's our thank you to mothers everywhere - happy Mother's Day!A bunch of hippies are about to graduate from a Growth Opportunity workshop, which is a very 1970's affair. Two of them, Terry and Charlie, plan to rob and kill an old woman who gives them a ride home. They didn't expect Ike (Frederick Coffin, Alone in the Dark) and Addley, the woman's two sons, to come out of the woods and cut off Charlie's head. And then Mother herself chokes out Terry.Now it's time to meet our heroines, three women who have been friends for a long time (the Rat Pack!) who reunite every year for a camping trip. Abbey, Jackie and Trina are having a blast in the woods when the boys abduct them in their sleeping bags, then torture and abuse them.The next day, Abbey and Trina make their escape, yet discover the dead bodies of Terry and Charlie, as well as Jackie who has been destroyed and left in a drawer. Meanwhile, Queenie, Mother's deformed and werewolf-like sister who feeds on dead animals, has been sighted in the woods.Jackie dies of her wounds as the Abbey and Trina make a plan of revenge against the brothers. They dispatch of Addley and then Ike jumps out of a window to attack them, but gets Drano poured down his throat, a TV dropped on his head and is finally killed with an electric carving knife. Then, they use inflatable breasts to suffocate Mother.After burying Jackie in the woods, the girls attempt to leave, but Queenie leaps to attack as the credits roll. This would be surprising if it wasn't ruined by so many of the trailers.If this film looks like it was shot in a grimy murder house, well, it's because it was. It was shot in an abandoned house in Newton, New Jersey that had been empty for 15 years, with the original owner being killed inside the home and another body had been found just prior to filming.Beatrice Pons was billed as Rose Ross and Frederick Coffin was billed as Holden McGuire due to their membership in the Screen Actor's Guild prohibiting them from appearing in non-union films. In fact, Beatrice was supposedly so eager to accept the lead role that she voluntarily breached SAG's "Global Rule One" policy, by changing her name!There's also an insane Hollywood party opening, packed with old men and young women hooking up, roller skating, coke snorting and a butler with a long coat and no pants. This scene feels like it inspired the Boogie Nights pool parties scenes at Jack Horner's house.Mother's Day was kind of, sort of remade in 2010 with Rebecca De Mornay as Mother. It isn't as well regarded as this film. While a Troma movie, I tried not to hold it against this one.It's a pretty simple, quick moving affair. And well worth checking out. Maybe you shouldn't share it with your mom, though. Get her some chocolates or something.

As quirky and original as you'd expect from the South Koreans. MOTHER is a lengthy mystery film featuring an unusual storyline about a mother who seeks justice for her unfairly imprisoned son. Along the way, there's all the kind of bizarre supporting characters, atypical incident and genuinely surprising plot twists that you'd expect from a Korean film. This is a movie that keeps you watching throughout despite the slow pacing and lack of action.The character development is excellent: fully natural, low key throughout, and thoroughly involving. Unsurprisingly, the actors selected to pay the various characters are just right for the part, particularly Hye-ja Kim who we only ever know as 'mother'. She's a unique choice of lead and fits the role perfectly. Won Bin, who made an excellent action hero in THE MAN FROM NOWHERE, is equally excellent here as the slow-witted son and he really gets his teeth into the part.MOTHER may be a slow burner of a film, but it has a subtle way of truly involving the viewer in the storyline. The tension builds as the climax nears, and then the movie hits you with some moments of quiet devastation that prove a shock to the core. Fans expecting another pulse-pounding thriller like THE YELLOW SEA may be disappointed, but those with open minds will have a ball.

Was looking forward to this film after enjoying the director's earlier films, Memories of murder, The host n Snowpiercer.The film is about a mentally challenged kid who is also being overprotected by his single mother who is a specialist in herbs n acupuncture.The kid is arrested n charged with the murder of a young girl but the mother believes he is innocent n she goes out to prove his innocence.The best part about this film is the acting by the lady who played the mother.Another good aspect is the details.When the dead body of the girl is kept on the terrace of a dilapidated house for the whole town to see, we as viewers really wants to know the reason n the reason is explained towards the end well suiting.The direction n cinematography were brilliant. The only problem was the editing. Found it to be a bit slow n long. 59ce067264


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