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Ff Cocon Fonts Rar [EXCLUSIVE]

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Tired of all the squinting and squinting and squinting and squinting and squinting and squinting? Then don't squint! Champ is your copilot today! Featuring a unique, terrifying-looking hinting process, and a complete lack of squinting, this font will make your eyes and your readers' eyes hurt for 72 long hours, the curse of your medieval courtiers.

Did you know that the world's best type designers often use cheap or free fonts to build their reputations in their spare time? Sometimes it's fun to recover the lost links to these low-rent fonts. The Nederlandse Snob Typotheek Type Library has scanned the Internet for these lost treasures and brought them back to your desktop for your enjoyment.

Tactile Type is a type that is meant to be used. It is designed to be highly legible on any screen, and is suited for all purposes, also those for which the classic script typefaces are not intended. Its main design goals were readability, legibility, a high quality finish and a good weight.

Are you tired of the usual standard rectangles and squares? Probably you should try something different. We recommend you try nifty-dafty. It's shaped like a heart (!), so it's totally unique and definitely not what you're used to. And we know it's crazy to use it everywhere, but you can't resist.

Dunners is heavily stylistic and high contrast. It is not a navigator font, nor is it a display face that needs to follow a trend. It aims to instill courage and everyday practicality in typography. The subtitle characters are fully in keeping with this aim. Their dark, exaggerated forms are clearly intended to be unusual and not merely decorative. d2c66b5586


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