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Mary J. Blige - Not Gon Cry - Music

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Mary J. Blige - Not Gon Cry - Music

When I listen to music, I imagine a visual story, it just sort of comes to me in my head. And so when I say I come up with a look that complements the music, that sounds simple, right But it's really not simple because I begin to imagine and get visions around the wardrobe. Hearing the music, the lyrics, the beat, the melodies, it inspires images and wardrobe for me.

Janine Rubenstein is Editor-at-Large at PEOPLE and host of PEOPLE Every Day podcast, a daily dose of breaking news, pop culture and heartwarming human interest stories. Formerly Senior Editor of music content, she's also covered crime, human interest and television news throughout her many years with the brand. Prior to PEOPLE she's written for Essence, The Cape Times newspaper and Los Angeles Magazine among others. On-screen Rubenstein can be found featured on shows like Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight and she routinely hosts PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly's star-studded Red Carpet Live specials. Follow the San Francisco native, Black Barbie collector and proud mom of two on Instagram and Twitter @janinerube

Other than a short break an hour into the concert when she let her band show off, Blige spent the whole evening strutting and swaying and dancing to the music. It clearly wasn't choreographed either; just Mary dancing to her own songs. She's been doing this for better than 20 years, and she's a pro on stage, working the crowd and getting her female fans (who made up most of the crowd on Friday) to sing along to the point that, on several songs, she barely sang at all.

A) Can I say '80s, too There is no comparison because the music in the '90s and the '80s was just like, music. You had Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who were on the radio. Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones everywhere, all over the place. Anita Baker, just so many amazing people. I'm not saying the music isn't beautiful now. It's just limited. 59ce067264


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