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Orianthi - Violet Journey (2007) 12

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Orianthi - Violet Journey (2007) 12

Orianthi - Violet Journey (2007) 12: A Review of the Debut Album by the Australian Guitarist

Orianthi is a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist from Australia who has collaborated with artists like Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Carrie Underwood and Santana. Her debut album, Violet Journey, was released in 2007 and showcases her skills as a musician and a vocalist. The album features 12 tracks that range from rock to blues to acoustic ballads, all with a touch of Orianthi's signature style.

The album opens with "Lights of Manos", a fast-paced instrumental track that demonstrates Orianthi's impressive guitar playing. The song is inspired by her Greek heritage and the island of Manos, where her father was born. The next track, "He's Gone", is a catchy rock song with a strong chorus and a guitar solo that reflects Orianthi's influences like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. The title track, "Violet Journey", is a melodic and atmospheric song that showcases Orianthi's vocals and lyrics. The song is about finding your own path in life and following your dreams.

Some of the highlights of the album are "Everyday", a pop-rock song with a catchy hook and a positive message; "Here on Earth", a beautiful acoustic ballad that features Orianthi's harmonies with her sister Tina; "Right Now", a funky and upbeat song that encourages living in the moment; and "Wouldn't Change a Thing", a heartfelt song that expresses gratitude for the people in your life. The album closes with "Drive Away", a powerful rock anthem that showcases Orianthi's vocal range and guitar skills.

Orianthi - Violet Journey (2007) 12 is a great debut album that introduces Orianthi as a versatile and talented artist. The album has something for everyone, whether you are looking for rock, blues, pop or acoustic songs. Orianthi's guitar playing is impressive and her vocals are expressive and emotive. The album is a journey through Orianthi's musical influences, inspirations and aspirations.The album was recorded and self-released by Orianthi in 2006, but it was officially released to the Australian market in 2007 via a distribution deal with Universal Music Australia[^1^]. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised Orianthi's guitar skills and songwriting abilities. The album also attracted the attention of some famous musicians, such as Steve Vai, Carlos Santana and Michael Jackson, who invited Orianthi to join their tours and projects.

The album's title, Violet Journey, refers to Orianthi's favorite color and her musical journey. The album cover features Orianthi's silhouette against a violet background, holding her PRS guitar. The album has a mix of original songs and covers, such as "Anaheim", a live in studio version of a song by Steve Vai, one of Orianthi's idols. The album also includes some songs that Orianthi wrote when she was a teenager, such as "He's Gone" and "Wouldn't Change a Thing".

Orianthi - Violet Journey (2007) 12 is a remarkable debut album that showcases Orianthi's talent and potential as a guitarist and a singer. The album is a must-have for fans of rock, blues and guitar music. The album is available on CD, digital download and streaming platforms. a474f39169


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