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Benito Lertxundi Discografia Completa: A Guide to the Basque Singer's Albums

Benito Lertxundi Discografia Completa: A Guide to the Basque Singer's Albums

Benito Lertxundi is one of the most influential and respected singers in the Basque Country. His discography spans over five decades and covers a variety of genres, from folk to rock to symphonic. In this article, we will explore his complete discography and highlight some of his most memorable songs.

Who is Benito Lertxundi?

Benito Lertxundi was born in Orio, Gipuzkoa, in 1942. He started his musical career in the 1960s, as part of the Ez Dok Amairu collective, which aimed to revitalize the Basque language and culture through music. He soon developed his own style, combining traditional Basque instruments and melodies with modern influences and poetic lyrics. He has collaborated with many other artists, such as Mikel Laboa, Imanol Larzabal, Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa, and Enrique Ugarte.

Benito Lertxundi Discografia Completa

What are his albums?

Benito Lertxundi has released 16 studio albums, as well as several live albums and compilations. Here is a list of his albums in chronological order:

  • Benito Lertxundi (1969): His debut album, featuring songs such as "Baldorba" and "Ez Zaitut Maite".

  • Oro LaÃo Mee Batek... (1974): His second album, with songs like "Oroimenaren Oraina" and "Gure Oroitzapenak".

  • ...Eta Maita Herria, Ãken Dezadan Plazera (1975): His third album, with songs such as "Baga Biga Higa" and "Zuberoa".

  • Zuberoa - Askatasunaren Semeei (1977): His fourth album, dedicated to the Basque region of Zuberoa (Soule), with songs like "Askatasunaren Semeei" and "Zuberoako Kantu Zaharrak".

  • Altabizkar & Itzaltzuko Bardoari (1981): His fifth album, with songs such as "Altabizkar" and "Itzaltzuko Bardoari".

  • Gaueko Ele Ixilen Baladak (1985): His sixth album, with songs like "Gaueko Ele Ixilen Balada" and "Bihotzean Min Dut".

  • Mauleko Bidean (1987): His seventh album, with songs like "Mauleko Bidean" and "Hegoak".

  • Pazko Gaierdi Ondua (1989): His eighth album, with songs like "Pazko Gaierdi Ondua" and "Lau Teilatu".

  • Hunkitura Kuttunak (1993): His ninth album, a triple LP with songs like "Hunkitura Kuttunak", "Egurra Ta Kitto" and "Loretxoa".

  • Hunkidura Kuttunak II (1994): His tenth album, another triple LP with songs like "Hunkidura Kuttunak II", "Izarren Hautsa" and "Olatuak".

  • Hitaz Oroit (1996): His eleventh album, with songs like "Hitaz Oroit", "Aitormena" and "Baldorba II".

  • Auhen Sinfonikoa (1998): His twelfth album, a collaboration with Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa and Enrique Ugarte, featuring symphonic versions of some of his songs.

Nere Ekialdean (2002): His thirteenth album, with songs like "Nere Ekialdean", "


  • Oroimenaren Oraina (2012): His sixteenth and latest album, with songs like "Oroimenaren Oraina", "Ez Zaitut Maite II" and "Zure Begiek".

What are some of his best songs?

Benito Lertxundi has composed and performed many songs that have become classics in the Basque musical scene. Some of his most popular and acclaimed songs are:

  • Baga Biga Higa: A catchy and humorous song that mocks the Spanish language and culture, using words that sound similar in Basque and Spanish but have different meanings.

  • Lau Teilatu: A beautiful and melancholic song that talks about the four windows of a house that witness the life and death of its inhabitants.

  • Loretxoa: A tender and poetic song that compares a woman to a flower that blooms in the spring.

  • Izarren Hautsa: A powerful and emotional song that denounces the torture and repression suffered by the Basque political prisoners during the Franco regime.

  • Aitormena: A moving and sincere song that expresses the regret and forgiveness of a father who abandoned his son.

Why should you listen to Benito Lertxundi?

Benito Lertxundi is a master of Basque music, who has created a rich and diverse repertoire that reflects his love for his land, his people, his language and his culture. His songs are full of emotion, beauty, wisdom and humor. He has a unique voice that can convey both strength and sensitivity. He has inspired many other artists and generations of Basque speakers. He is a legend and a treasure of Basque music.

If you want to discover more about Benito Lertxundi and his discography, you can visit his official website or follow him on social media. You can also listen to his songs on streaming platforms such as Spotify or YouTube. You will not regret it! 0efd9a6b88


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