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Joe Conforto
Joe Conforto

Soulcalibur VI Deluxe Edition


There are three editions to the game. There is a Standard Edition for $59.99, which only includes the game. There is a Deluxe Edition which goes for $99.99 if you purchase the physical copy. It comes with a metal case with built-in sound snippets from the voiceovers in the game, the soundtrack on a disc, and the DLC season pass. If you buy it digitally, the price is only $89.99 because you don't get the physical items. The most expensive version is the Collector's Edition.

It costs $149.99. It comes with the game, a 120-page book of character art, the metal case with built-in sound snippets from the voiceovers, the soundtrack, a collector's edition box, and a Sophitia figurine. Unfortunately, the Collector's Edition does not include the Season Pass. I confirmed this with a Bandai Namco representative. 781b155fdc


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