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Luke Sanchez
Luke Sanchez

1992 Cbr 900 Specs Appeal

Yes, it is a detuned fireblade...which clips the screaming rev monster, but adds instead a thousand pounds of torquey g-force off of the lights...whoa! It does appear to be standing start screamer...I've now added another 5000 miles, an ermax bellypan, a set of conti's, r&g crash-bungs and a set of renthals to lean me forward more (just slightly)...ideal city attack vehicle...ambush machine with wheelie appeal and solid nissin 4-pot braking... Strengths: Total Reliability. Total grunt from nowhere upto 8000 rpm. Mean enough looks, but nimble, feel decent tank range (approx 120). Pillion friendly (not with the wheelie though). Rust proof except foot rest plate on pillion. Weaknesses: Should have twin spots ;-) (only jokin'). Wind blast and protection from the elements...but who wants 2 b a nancy!

1992 Cbr 900 Specs Appeal

Most standards are visually designed to emulate bikes that were the pinnacle of performance in their time but are tuned down and in the process loose appeal to the very buyers they target. Having bought new a GPZ 550 and a Eddie Lawson replica 1000R I love the look of these bikes. Honda missed the mark not importing the 1300 version that was sold in Europe as did Yamaha with the XJR 1300.

The CB900F also served as the basis for Honda's Superbike racing efforts in the capable hands of Freddie Spencer and Mike Baldwin, lending further eyeball appeal and prestige. And perhaps best of all, the suggested retail price of the 900F made it an irresistible bargain.

Unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace in the spring of 1992, the most potent pure-performance Honda ever redefined sport bike performance overnight. Weighing in at an inconceivable 408 pounds, the original CBR900RR puts liter-class horsepower in a package that is 80 pounds lighter than its lightest rivals, and just 2 pounds heavier than Honda's own CBR600F2. From the twin-spar aluminum chassis to the 147-pound, 893cc 16-valve four-cylinder engine inside, every facet of the first CBR900RR is lighter than comparable sport bikes. The result: Suddenly, there are no comparable sport bikes.


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