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How to Download the Novel Xica da Silva

How to Download the Novel Xica da Silva

Xica da Silva is a Brazilian historical novel based on the life of Chica da Silva, a former slave who became a powerful and wealthy woman in the 18th century. The novel was written by Walcyr Carrasco and adapted into a TV series by Rede Manchete in 1996. If you want to download the novel or the TV series, here are some tips:


  • The novel is available in Portuguese only. You can find it online on some websites, such as [^1^], where you can download each chapter separately. However, be careful with the links, as some of them may not work or may contain viruses.

  • The TV series is also available in Portuguese only. You can watch it online on YouTube, where there is a playlist with 20 episodes [^3^]. However, this is not the complete series, as it has 218 episodes in total. You can also download the whole series using a torrent client, such as qBittorrent. You can find the magnet link on [^2^], where you can also see the file size and details.

  • If you want to watch the movie version of Xica da Silva, you can find it on [^5^]. The movie was released in 1976 and directed by Carlos Diegues. It is also in Portuguese and has English subtitles. You can watch it online or download it for free.

I hope this helps you enjoy this fascinating story of Xica da Silva. If you want to learn more about her life and legacy, you can also read this article [^4^] that looks back at her role in Brazilian history and culture.The novel Xica da Silva follows the life of Francisca da Silva de Oliveira, a former slave who became a powerful and wealthy woman in colonial Brazil. The novel is divided into four parts, each one covering a different stage of her life.

  • The first part tells the story of her childhood and adolescence, when she was born to a slave mother and a white father, and sold to different masters. She had her first son, SimÃo, with her second master, Manuel Pires Sardinha. She also learned to read and write, and developed her beauty and charm.

  • The second part narrates her relationship with JoÃo Fernandes de Oliveira, a rich diamond contractor who bought her from Sardinha and freed her. They lived together for 16 years and had 13 children. Francisca became known as Xica da Silva, and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, with fine clothes, jewels, parties, and servants. She also faced the envy and prejudice of the white society, who despised her for being a former slave and a parda woman.

  • The third part describes her life after JoÃo Fernandes returned to Portugal in 1770, taking their sons with him. Xica stayed in Tejuco with their daughters, and devoted herself to their education and well-being. She also maintained her influence and prestige in the town, despite the attempts of some enemies to ruin her reputation.

  • The fourth part recounts her final years, when she faced the decline of her health and wealth. She also suffered the loss of some of her children and grandchildren, who died or moved away. She died in 1796, at the age of 61 or 65, and was buried in the Church of SÃo Francisco de Assis.

The novel Xica da Silva is a historical fiction that mixes facts and legends about this remarkable woman. It portrays the social and economic realities of colonial Brazil, as well as the racial and gender issues that marked Xica's life. It also celebrates her courage, intelligence, sensuality, and love for her family. e0e6b7cb5c


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