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What leaf vacuum mulchers and leaf blowers are on the market? 


Leaf blowers and leaf vacuum mulchers are the most common two-in-one devices. We distinguish between the electric, battery, and combustion products. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. 


Equipment equipped with a battery is more mobile, allows you to get rid of cable clutter, and offers an unlimited working range. However, it requires regular charging. It works for a certain amount of battery capacity and can be heavy due to the presence of a cell. 


The internal combustion model will offer great power and mobility. However, it is very loud, not very ecological, and generates strong vibrations that negatively affect the comfort of use. As a rule, it also has a lot of weight. 


The electric leaf vacuum mulcher is, therefore, the most popular. Although the problem with such equipment is the need to be permanently connected to the power source, electrical devices offer an optimal power-to-weight ratio and an unobtrusive noise level. 

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Leaf vacuum mulchers and leaf blowers ranking: 


The ranking of leaf vacuum mulchers and leaf blowers is a list of the most chosen models of various types. Check which one can work on your plot! 

GARDENA Ergojet 3000 9332-20 


The GARDENA Ergojet 3000 9332-20 is a two-in-one, electrically powered device. The model has a power of 3000 W. It offers a tool-free and effortless change of the operating mode (ClickFit function). The advantage of the product is a metal rotor that mulches garden waste during vacuuming, reducing its volume up to 16 times. 


The device has an ergonomic handle made of soft materials and a carrying belt ensuring comfortable work. Along with the product, the user also receives a scraper for removing wet leaves. The model offers easy bag emptying and a speed regulation function. 


The Ergojet 3000 9332-20 sucks in leaves with a capacity of 170 liters per second and blows air out at a speed of 310 km / h. The product is equipped with a bag with a capacity of 45 liters. The weight of the entire device is about 4.8 kg. The model's biggest disadvantage, however, may be the relatively short cable with a length of 0.3 m. 


Benefits: Disadvantages:  


  + The product is very powerful. - Negative feedback relates to the weight of the device.  

  + It draws in with optimal force - it does not pull in stones but only leaves. - Changing the operating mode takes quite a long time.  

  + It has a durable metal rotor.  

  + It has a belt that makes it easier to work with the device. 

NAC 3200W VBE320-FS-J 


The NAC VBE320-AS-J is a 3200W two-in-one electric device. The product offers adjustable suction and blowing force. It boasts a leaf suction capacity of 10.7 m3 / min and an air-blowing speed of 160-250 km / h. 

The equipment has a mulching function that allows you to reduce the volume of collected leaves by up to 90%. Its large bag with a capacity of 40 liters does not require frequent emptying. Thanks to the wheels attached to the suction pipe, the device is more comfortable to use. The model can also offer a convenient way to change the operating mode - a lever in the body. 

The device weighs only 2.5 kg. It has solid housing made of high-quality materials. Its advantage is a very good value for money. 

Benefits: Disadvantages:  

  + The product has an attractive price. - Has a poor-quality bag on the list.  

  + It has a lot of power with an adjustment function. 

  + Has a plastic rotor.  

  + It is light and comfortable to use.  

  + It looks good.  




RYOBI RBV26B is a combustion device equipped with a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 26 cm3. The product has the function of a vacuum cleaner and a blower. Its air-blowing speed is up to 325 km / h, and the suction capacity is a maximum of 12.8 m3 / min. The equipment also has a metal rotor for mulching the collected waste, which reduces its volume by a factor of 16. 

The advantage of the model is the use of environmentally friendly engine technology with lower CO2 emissions, as well as the use of a control throttle, which allows you to adjust and maintain the speed of operation without any effort on the part of the user. 

The product is equipped with a bag - with a capacity of 40 liters - with a practical zipper. The entire device weighs approximately 4.3 kg. It has a soft handle and good balance, reducing vibration. The equipment also boasts a crack-resistant housing made of high-quality plastic. 

 Benefits: Disadvantages:  


  + The product is good value for money. - It's very loud.  

  + Copes well with dry leaves. - Generates strong vibrations.  

  + Easily fires (provided the user masters this skill well).  

  + It is quite handy. 

NAC 3200W VBE320-AS-J 

The NAC VBE320-AS-J is an electric model with vacuum, blower, and shredder functions. The product has a power of 3200 W. It weighs only 2.5 kg, making it handy and comfortable to use. The device offers a power regulation function. In blower mode, it can throw air at speeds of 160 to 250 km / h. In turn, its efficiency when vacuuming is 10.7 m3 per minute. 

The device has a listed tank with a capacity of 40 liters. Due to the presence of the shredding knife, it reduces the volume of collected waste by up to 90%, which translates into less frequent emptying of the tank. 

The product is sold in a set with a shoulder belt, which increases the comfort of work. The power control function is hidden in the handle, which makes it easy to use. The equipment generates noise at the level of 99 dB. The advantage of the model is additional wheels at the suction pipe, which improve the guidance of the device on the ground. 

Benefits: Disadvantages:  

  + The product has an affordable price. - Requires suction pipe close to the ground.  

  + It is very light and comfortable to use. - May prove difficult to assemble (the tube consists of two parts).  

  + Good for mulching the sucked-in waste.  

  + It has a straight tube, making it easier to use in blower mode.  

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NAC VBE300A-AS-G is an electric device with a power of 300 W, combining the functions of a blower, vacuum cleaner, and shredder. The product weighs 4 kg and is equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The power regulation allows it to blow air at a speed of 100 to 270 km / h. In turn, its suction capacity fluctuates around 13.5 m3 per minute. 

The product is equipped with a listed tank with a capacity of 45 liters. Thanks to the effective shredding function, the volume of sucked waste is reduced by up to 90%, which allows you to empty the container less often. The model offers an easy cleaning system that allows the user to quickly access the rotor (without having to disassemble the device). 

The equipment has a safe on / off switch and wheels at the suction pipe. Generates noise at the level of about 100 dB. 

Benefits: Disadvantages:  

    + The product can cope with dry leaves, cones, and small twigs. - Clogs up when vacuuming wet leaves.  

  + Has high power. - His wheels are faulty.  

  + It is available at an affordable price. - Has a medium-quality design.  

  + It has a fairly light, handy structure.  

How to choose a blower and leaf vacuum cleaner? 

A clean and tidy lawn is the result of many hours of work and great effort. However, using appropriately selected tools can make cleaning in the garden easier. One of them is a vacuum cleaner/blower that makes it easy to remove leaves from the lawn and clean driveways and paths. What to look for when choosing a leaf vacuum mulcher? 

Power method - a leaf blower is a device that can be powered by combustion, battery, or electricity. The petrol leaf vacuum cleaner is a product with unlimited range and high power. However, it has a lot of weight and is very loud. On the other hand, electric leaf vacuum mulchers require constant access to electricity, which translates into working with an extension cord that stretches across the grass. Battery models are mobile but should guarantee at least 3 hours of operation on a single charge to be practical to use. 

Power - the power of the device is one of its most important features, which translates into effectiveness. For leaf vacuum mulchers and blowers, it should be at least 2500 W so that the equipment can cope not only with small, dry leaves but also with larger garden waste. The power regulation function is also of great importance, allowing it to be adapted to the type of collected pollutants so as not to waste energy unnecessarily. 

Airflow speed - this parameter is as important as the power of the device. It should be around 250 km / h for dry leaves and around 300 km / h for wet leaves. 

Air flow volume - the area of ​​operation of the equipment, which should be as wide as possible because at high speed of airflow and small working width, vacuuming the garden would be very laborious. Ideally, the model should offer a capacity of around 800 m3 per hour. 

Weight - a device of this type should be as light as possible because the user carries it in hand or over the shoulder. Choose models weighing a maximum of 4 kg if you do not want to take frequent breaks during work. 

Container on the leaves - the container on the leaves must be capacious (minimum 40 liters) so that the necessity to empty it or replace it does not interrupt cleaning the garden too often. 

Chopper function - mulching is the desired function for leaf blowers. Thanks to it, we get rid of the leaves and reduce their volume by grinding them with knives, which can be metal or plastic. This feature allows you to empty the waste container less often and also to use the ground leaves as a natural fertilizer. 

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Leaf vacuum mulchers in an online store can cost from about 150 to 1000 PLN. Therefore, it is not too high a cost in relation to the functionality of such equipment. Collecting leaves will be an easier and more enjoyable task if you equip yourself with a device tailored to your needs. 



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