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Buy Olive Oil Direct From Italy

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and in our quest to restock our own stores we realized that making these same excellent products that we love available to fellow gourmands would be a perfectly-paired side business to CIUTravel. We have long been ardent supporters of small-scale local producers in Italy, and many of our clients have visited our favorite foodie meccas from Umbrian olive farms to Piedmontese truffle woods. Today, you can savor many of these same quality products from home via Cantina Direct.

buy olive oil direct from italy

Come visit our new CantinaDirect website to order a variety of Italian goodies shipped directly from the supplier or local independent gourmet shop. We will be expanding our inventory over the next few weeks, but you can order a number of carefully selected items already:

We are missingolive picking season this year, but are looking forward to enjoying the peppery flavor or freshly-pressed olive oil from our old friends and suppliers Luciana and Giovanni from Casa Gola, hidden in the Umbrian hills. You can only get fresh olive oil during the final few months of the year; we buy several 5-liter cans to stock our pantry, transferring the oil to smaller bottles for kitchen use and to give as gifts. Over the last few years, we have actually been fulfilling orders for our local friends and neighbors in the States, and due to the pandemic restrictions with everyone cooking so much more at home, many of them have doubled and even tripled their order!

Cento Classic Olive Oil is naturally processed olive oil direct from the fruit of the Italian olive tree. A product of Italy, Cento Classic Olive Oil contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Ideal for dressing, marinating and cooking.

Imagine yourself on the island of Sicilia with this selection of authentic Italian olive oils, herb blends, sauces and other ingredients from Olio2go. With its amazing vegetation and Mediterranean influences, Sicily is the source of some of Italy's finest flavors. Our Sicilian olive oils and other foods imported directly from this region are sure to tempt your taste buds.

Sicily, Italy is often associated with a particularly dominant feature: Mt. Etna. It comes as no surprise, then, that the best olive oils from Sicily are equally as bold and commanding. Sicilian extra virgin olive oil typically has more body along with a fruity flavor profile. There's something incredibly intriguing about these delicious olive oils. Sicilian olive groves often grow closely among other agricultural produce, such as citrus fruits, olives, artichokes and mulberries, which may contribute to the particularly complex and exciting tasting experience. They're perfect for pairing with a wide variety of meals and sides, including fresh vegetables, roasted meats and bruschetta.

10) Cold-pressed artisanal extra-virgin olive oil is just a click away. You can order our favorite extra-virgin olive oil from Umbria via our new CantinaDirect website along with other Italian goodies like artisan chocolates and cookies, balsamic vinegar from Modena, and Tuscan pasta

The olives for this vintage come from an ancient olive grove in Sicily. There were multiple dates for harvesting in October of 2014. Various picking stages give the oil different but complimentary qualities that provide balance and harmony. The olives were individually hand picked, directly pressed by mechanical extraction and cold pressed and bottled under argon gas to protect against oxidation. No compromises are made and the result is a fresh, full-bodied olive oil with an intense and complex bouquet hinting at artichoke, fresh cut grass, tomato stems and abundant notes of peppercorn.

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solety by mechanical means. Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold pressed and unfiltered. Made from hand picked Italian organic olives.

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solety by mechanical means. Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold pressed and unfiltered. Made from hand picked italian organic olives

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is born from the passion and respect for Sicilian oil-making traditions. This oil has a distinctive colour and fruity flavours of green olive, green tomato, artichoke, almond and fresh grass. Piquant, it is perfect as a condiment for salads or as a finishing touch for your meal, as well cooking, naturally.

The truth is olive oil from Italy is a highly coveted product, however, there's a ton of mystery surrounding the product. Th industry has been heavily shielded from the public and twisted by talented marketers, so much so that the public's perception of the industry has become construed.

An olive oil producer is an individual/group/company that produces olive oil. This can mean they own a mill and produce exclusively for themselves or for others. They may own olive groves or purchase olives from others for milling. This also can mean they do not own a mill but purchase olives from a farmer which are milled as they monitor everything and they later create a blend. A producer can be employed by an olive oil company or work as a freelance producer of multiple oils for other olive oil companies. They can also act as consultants.

The price for a 16.9 fl. oz. (500ml) bottle/tin of high-quality extra virgin olive oil can be anywhere from $15 - $60. There is no standard price. We recommend purchasing the highest quality olive oil you can afford.

So versatile is olive oil that it can be used as an integral part of both your diet and beauty regime. Walk around any supermarket and alongside bottles produced for use in the kitchen you will spot soaps and creams also made from the humble olive oil.

6. To maintain the health boosting properties within olive oil, it must be kept in a cool place and away from direct light. The oil properties are protected if stored in stainless steel tins or dark green/brown glass bottles.

8. A study was recently conducted at the University of Monastir in Tunisia demonstrating that regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil may protect the liver from cell damage associated with oxidative stress (source: Medical News Today).

By now it's not a secret anymore, but it's not as well known as it could be either. There's been a New Yorker expose about it, a New York Times best selling book, a bombshell academic report from UC Davis, and countless articles about the very slippery, very profitable business of selling worthless oils as extra virgin olive oil.

And the economics of selling worthless oil really pay off. To buy a bottle of high quality extra virgin olive oil directly at the mill in Italy you're looking at $15 to $20 dollars. By the time you've imported that bottle to the U.S. with shipping and import fees, you've got another $20 of transport into it, not including profit for the distributor or retail store selling it.

The bottom line is this: if you want to buy a high quality extra virgin olive that will make your food taste as delicious as possible, and will give you all of the wonderful and mysterious health benefits of the polyphenols in great oil, you need to be able to trust where you're getting it from.

Right after Christmas 2018 I had just come back from Umbria, having heard everyone raving about what a great year for olive oil they finally had. The previous years had been plagued with bad weather and an "olive fly" that devastated olive groves. This year brought perfect weather for good yields and more importantly complex, flavorful, polyephenol-rich oil.

I couldn't just recommend a brand or name to people that they could find anywhere. The best producers are small, available here and there in specialty stores that have a direct connection to the grower or miller. Or through people like me who have run their hands through baskets of the very olives that will become the oil. They don't have the capacity to be widely available in a market as big as the U.S.

The 2020 harvest brought an exciting new addition to the family. In early 2020 (before we knew what was coming), I purchased a grove of 181 olive trees in the hills of Assisi. This general area, the same area that the olives that go into Luigi's Olio del Cardinale come from is known as Colle Assisi-Spoleto, or the hills of Assisi and Spoleto. The microregion - due to it's microclimate and soil composition - is regarded as one of the best olive growing areas in the world. Place of origin is, in my opinion, the single most important factor when it comes to the quality of a food. All else being equal of course in terms of quality and care taken in production, where it comes from simply matters more than anything else.

My olive grove is at the very base of a neck in the hillside of Monte Subasio. Water runs down from the hill into this ditch making for fertile ground for olives, but also for wood pigeons that made the hill a popular spot among local hunters to harvest the tasty birds. In dialect, these pigeons are known as Palombi, hence, Col (hill)-palombo.

While imitations exist that claim to be balsamic "syrup" or "glaze" (and are actually just regular vinegar with caramel and sugar added), no one would dare to sell regular balsamico and pretend it's D.O.P. Which means that if you buy some at a store, and it's in Giugiaro's beautiful bottle, you can be pretty certain it's good. This is in stark contrast with olive oil, in which case you have no idea what you're getting unless you have a relationship of trust with who you're getting it from.

Pure golden extra virgin olive oil from our home region Sicily (Italy) made from 100% Italian olives. This is NOT a Mediterranean blend of oils, this is 100% Unfiltered Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 041b061a72


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