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Milfs Vs Young Boys

Throughout the series, viewers will watch the women attempt to make a lasting connection with single men who happen to be younger than them. Potential couples will face challenges each episode that will prove whether or not their connection is genuine.

milfs vs young boys

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SoYoung lives just outside of New Orleans and has always preferred younger men. After working for years as a hairstylist, she became a surgical nurse specializing in heart surgery! Although she hasn't been in a relationship for a while, there's no time like the present. She also enjoys being the dominant one in her relationships.

This Jersey mom moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start. She works in the hospitality industry and her favorite thing to do is to sit at the beach and tan. She's leaving her toxic marriage behind and she's excited to date younger and have a good time.

"MILF Manor" wants you to think it's a show about destigmatizing relationships between older women and younger men. But it's actually a show about young men and their mothers being forced to recognize each other as sexual beings in the most uncomfortable ways possible.

The initial introduction between mothers and sons is awkward enough, with plenty of stilted flirting, jokes about both a mother and her son calling another young man "Daddy," and embarrassed and embarrassing reactions. But "MILF Manor" proves that you can always dive deeper into the pits of almost-but-not-quite-incestuous hell, revealing that the mother-son-duos will share a room and therefore have to either negotiate with or navigate around their family members for any bedroom-based encounters.

Here are a few other things that happen in the first episode of "MILF Manor": Mom Kelle flaunts her flirtation with Pola's son Jose in front of his mother on the beach. Kelle's son Joey, a 20-year-old and youngest of the bunch, whines when she brings Shannan's son Ryan back to their shared bedroom on the first night, crowds him out of the room, and complains that he's "cockblocking" her. In another memorable bar conversation, Joey swallows loudly in horror after Kelle puts her arm around Ryan and tells her son, "This is your dad."

Later in the episode, Soyoung's son Jimmy waxes poetic for 20 seconds in a confessional about how much he wants to oil up and massage Pola's feet, fantasizing about painting and subsequently sucking on her toes. To give Jimmy credit, he seems to be the man the most willing to lean in, telling April J.'s son Gabriel that they "can't be vanilla, we got, like, moms here" before asking Pola out on a paddleboard date.

When the series was announced back in December, it was advertised as a dating show for older women, ranging from 40 to 60 years old, dating a group of younger men. What they didn't mention, was that the younger men would be... their sons. Take a look:

The moms who signed up were shook when they realised that the eligible young bachelors joining them in their plush Mexican villa would be each other's sons - but none of them were as horrified as the viewers at home.

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