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Navigon 7.7.5 Build 447 for WinCE 5.0: Features and Functions Explained

i absolutely agree with the previous post. i have been having this exact problem, as well. i live in a small town in northern california, and i have had nothing but gps issues all week! i am so disappointed in navigon. i am not sure what the problem is, but everytime i get to an address, or intersection, it will give me a different street name. i am hoping that it is something that can be corrected via the update that navigon will provide. but i am still a little bit skeptical about the update, considering what happened with the garmin.

navigon 7.7.5 build 447 for wince 5.0 23


i too, am very disappointed with the maps. they are not very detailed, or accurate. i agree that they are very pretty, but all the traffic is marked as "busy." i live in a very busy area, and i cannot navigate without the navigon without getting lost. i also find that the gps unit will take me onto freeways in places that i have never been before, and the freeways are not even marked.

i hope that navigon can come up with a solution for this problem, and that they can be a little more specific about the cities they are offering in the future. i am still a loyal navigon customer, but i am considering looking into the garmin, just to see what else is out there.

i bought two of these at staples the other week. i had some problems with my credit card, but got my navigon back. i do have a problem with poi's. my oldest daughter lives in winston salem, nc and had gps issues. she went to lowes and wal-mart but i couldn't find anything at the lowes store. walmart had what i wanted but when i called a realtor in zebulon to see if she had any clients who had homes in that area she said it wasn't the area she serviced. her response was that the gps doesn't work for her area. i asked her how this could be if lowes had what i was looking for, but she said that they don't carry it.


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