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Skyrim Patch Download

After downloading the item users are instructed to move it in the main Skyrim directory and replace the infected package. The file is digitally signed by the game developer Bethesda Softworks. The officially supported Skyrim version is Trying to integrate the provided item into another edition of the game may result in glitches and crushes.

Skyrim Patch Download

Edit( ENORME ): A versão atual se ñ me engano é o Update 13( , depois de atualizar, vai no link, baixa, e coloca o patch : , dps , segue os links : _skyrim_1932.html e pra deixar em pt. Se vc resolver colocar as dlcs Dawnguard, Dragonborn e HeartFire , segue : , , , as traduções segue : , , , pra deixar em pt tambem...


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