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Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinki... __EXCLUSIVE__

Parents need to know that Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood is a 1996 parody comedy. As the lengthy title clearly implies, the movie is a satire of the slew of "hood" movies from the '90s that tried to convey the harsh realities of the inner city for African-Americans. As such, exaggeration permeates the movie in every form, and is the source of much of the comedy. There's frequent usage of "f--k," "motherf---r," and the "N" word, as well as scenes filled with malt liquor drinking and weed smoking. The father of the lead character encourages his son to drink and drive and then talks of how much fun it is. Gun violence is shown and parodied; however, the scene in which a white sniper shoots and kills an African-American student starting his first day of college feels way too real and far less funny in light of so many mass shootings. The stock characters this movie is parodying are on full display: trigger-happy gangbangers, Korean immigrant owners of corner stores who don't trust their African-American customers, women in the neighborhood who sleep around and have several children from several different fathers, police brutality. There are exaggerated sex scenes, parodies of foreplay in which food and condiments are used for absurd effect. In another a scene, the lead character reads a bedtime story to his father (who appears to be younger than him); it's a sex story from a pornographic magazine that he reads while the teen boy masturbates under the blankets. However, the movie also uses comedy to raise questions of how African-American men and women are portrayed in movies like these, and in Hollywood overall.

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinki...


As for the rest, some of it depends on your taste in humor, and some of it simply hasn't aged well. There's a lot of humor in sight gags and exaggeration that almost reaches the gut laughs of a parody like Airplane!. The parodies of stock characters in the "hood" movies of the '90s sometimes make it unclear what the target of the humor is supposed to be: the way these movies are written or the people themselves. In other words, while it's safe to give the Wayans the benefit of the doubt that they're obviously not making fun of welfare recipients, stronger and more thoughtful humor might have been employed instead of fridges with blocks of clearly labeled government cheese. And jokes involving snipers killing innocent people don't seem all that funny anymore in a country with so many mass shootings. References to drinking 40s and smoking blunts are also beyond played-out by this point.

  • Abhorrent Admirer: During sex with his girlfriend, Ashtray meets her aged, overweight mom, who tells her daughter to "hold him down and let Mama have him!" He immediately beats a hasty retreat.

  • Later, Loc Dog and a pretty girl named LaQuanda flirt for a little while. While talking, she blithely does gross things like picking her nose and farting. Finally, Loc Dog rejects her and runs off, leaving LaQuanda rather confused.

  • And THEN, Loc meets a shy girl named Keisha. She warns him that when she gets drunk, she "gets a little crazy". He wants to see this, so he gives her a few drinks. In this case, 'getting crazy' means she turns into a demonic version of herself that proceeds to have her way with a panicking Loc.

  • Absurdly Youthful Father: A running gag is that Ashtray's father is not much older than his son, which is not helped by the man's immaturity. It's actually implied in some scenes that Ashtray is somehow older than his dad. This is parodying the fact that Laurence Fishburne was only seven years older than Cuba Gooding Jr in Boyz in the Hood, despite playing father and son.

  • Affectionate Parody: It's a lighthearted parody of "hood movies" in general, with some criticism aimed at the fact that some black actors were pigeonholed into these roles at the time.

  • "Angry Black Man" Stereotype: Preach is a parody of this. He makes powerful speeches about the tyranny of whites, but is unashamed of his fetish for white women or casual racism towards Asians.

  • Anvilicious: Parodied and Lampshaded.invoked"MESSAGE!"

  • Asian Store-Owner: The owners of the gas station follow the black protagonists around suspiciously while ignoring the nice-looking white customer who's busy robbing them blind.

  • Badass Boast: Attempted by Toothpick, and it works... at first:"I don't give a damn about going to jail! You can take me to jail! Shit, lock me up! Throw away the key! I ain't 'fraid to fuck somebody in his ass!"

  • Bait-and-Switch: Possibly one of the best examples out there: a scene features a young man being intimidated by two older gang members in preparation for initiation into their group. You believe that they're going to either beat him up or shoot him (evidenced by the threat of "...and of you FALL, you better pick yo' punk-ass up!" and ordering the others not to cut him any slack), but rather the "initiation" is a game of double-dutch, complete with a rhyming children's song.

  • Berserk Button: Don't insult Loc Dog's mother, or cause him to think you did. Shooting will ensue. What you say about my mama? Hmm?

  • BFG: Loc Dog incorporates his gun collection into his wardrobe. He even keeps a live nuclear missile in his truck, which he uses to scare off Toothpick and his gang.

  • Big Eater: Big drinker in this case. Ashtray's aunt downs an entire 40-ounce of malt liquor in one sitting. Mercifully, the camera cuts away to Ashtray looking on (unconcerned) then cuts back to his aunt as she finishes, so that the actress herself wouldn't have to down the whole thing. A similar example happens later with a girl (played by Paula Jai Parker) at Ashtray's going away party. The scene also cuts away and when it cuts back, we see that not only is she now very heavily intoxicated, but there are also several empty liquor bottles behind her that were not there before.

  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: This is how Ashtray misinterprets Dashiki's comment that he can't live up to his "responsibilities".Dashiki: Oh, so you're man enough to come up in me, but you ain't man enough to take care of what comes out, get my nails done, pay my rent, and get me a new car? You know what? You ain't nothing but a little boy.Ashtray: Ain't all about the size of the boat! It's the motion in the ocean.Dashiki: ...That's not what I'm talking about.

  • Blaming "The Man": Ashtray and Loc Dog enter a convenience store owned by a Chinese couple and are immediately followed and harangued in a case of racial profiling. Meanwhile, a milquetoast looking white guy is actively stealing from the store. When he takes from the cash register, the male owner stops him only to give him change on his way out. The situation inside escalates with the Loc Dog pulling a gun on the store owners treating them poorly and them doing the same in turn only for shots to be fired. The shooter is the robber from earlier who laughs before tossing the gun at Loc Dog and Ashtray to frame them, who both exclaim "The Man!" The robber then proceeds to cross off Loc Dog's name from a list that includes Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, O. J. Simpson, and Tupac, implying that the conspiracy is true.

  • Boomerang Bigot: Officer Self Hatred (played by Bernie Mac)You ain't so tough now, little nigga. I hate your black bastards, you stink! I hate your black skin. I hate your black pants. I hate black pepper. I hate black keys on a piano. I hate my gums, because they're black. I hate Whoopi Goldberg's lips. I hate the back of Forrest Whittaker's neck. Huh? Most of all, I hate that black-ass Wesley Snipes.

  • Captain Ersatz: Many, since it's a parody: "Ashtray" is one of Tre from Boyz n the Hood, Caine from Menace II Society, and Craig from Friday.

  • Loc Dog is Doughboy from Boyz n the Hood, Loco from South Central, and O-Dog from Menace II Society. He is also one of Smokey from Film/Friday to a certain extent.

  • Preach is Ali from South Central and Sharif from Menace II Society.

  • Crazy Legs is Lil' Chris from Boyz n the Hood.

  • Officer Self Hatred is Officer Coffey from Boyz n the Hood.

  • Sam, one of Toothpick's boys, is one of Ilena's cousin from Menace II Society, hilariously played by Samuel Monroe, Jr.

  • Malik, played by Omar Epps, is well... Malik from Higher Learning.

  • Casting Gag: Ashtray's father is played by Lahmard Tate, older brother of Larenz Tate, who played O-Dog in Menace II Society.

  • Caught Up in a Robbery: Ashtray is taking a driving lesson, only for his instructor to calmly instruct him to pull over outside a bank, after which he walks inside. Seconds later, the sound of a gunshot and an alarm ringing goes off, and the instructor runs out with a full bag of money, gets into the car holding a gun to Ashtray's head, and shouts at him to "DRIVE, MOTHERFUCKER!! DRIVE!!" making it pretty clear that Ashtray is the unwilling getaway driver.

  • Played for laughs in the convenience store scene. The Asian store owners are laser-focused on watching Ashtray and Loc Dog to make sure they don't steal. Meanwhile, a white customer in the store cleans the place out, completely ignored by the owners. He even manages to grab the money from the register without the owners batting an eye. On the way out he kills the owners and tosses his gun to Ashtray before he leaves to frame Ashtray for the crime. It is heavily implied by this guy crossing Ashtray's name off of a list of prominent yet controversy-laden black celebrities like Michael Jackson and O. J. Simpson that he is "The Man" hellbent on keeping otherwise innocent black men down.

  • Cool Old Lady: Ashtray's grandmother. How else do you describe a grandmother who thinks her grandson (who just punched her across a table) "hits like a bitch," raids her other grandson's stash of weed, blasts Wu-Tang out of a lowrider, and cuts people's heads off with one swing of a machete?

  • Cluster F-Bomb: Loc Dog's Granny is just FULL of them, as is his mother.

  • Corrupt Church: The preacher, who urges his young, female congregation to call him whenever they get "Hot, Bothered, or Hot and Bothered", and tells the rest not to ask why he has such a nice house and car, and just keep sending their tithes.

  • Crapsaccharine World: Ashtray's neighborhood looks more like a very clean suburb than a ghetto. But there are a lot of gangs, people get gunned down in broad daylight, and everything from ice cream trucks to walkers are liable to get stolen at gunpoint. Played for laughs, of course.

  • Crooks Are Better Armed: An exaggerated version. Loc Dog makes a rival gang run the hell away when he shows the piece de resistance of his arsenal: a Soviet nuclear warhead.

  • Crouching Moron Hidden Bad Ass: The only job Loc Dog is smart enough to qualify for is a human crash test dummy. But he's got a huge gun collection and he's got no problem with using them.

  • Decoy Protagonist: Parodied. The film opens up with a youth addressing the audience on what it's like to live in the hood...only to be shot dead, and for his killer to take over the speech. Then he gets shot. It's only once Ashtray's narration kicks in when the film establishes who the real protagonist is.

  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Early in the movie, Toothpick, the villain, loudly declares that prison doesn't faze him at all. This keeps going until he proudly admits he raped a man in jail. When everyone reacts the way you'd expect, he pretends he was just joking. They don't buy it.

  • Later, Ashtray's talk in bed manages to gross out even the promiscuous Dashiki. When she stares at him and gives him a Flat "What", he pretends to have not said anything.

  • Dirty Kid: Ashtray's father implicitly conceived his son while he was still in diapers!

  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: One scene implies Loc Dog is cooking drugs in his kitchen, only to reveal he was baking and decorating a multi-tiered cake instead. Another features Toothpick and several of his men talking about an initiate to their crew being "jumped in." They have him literally jump ropes afterward, complete with playground rhymes.

  • Gangsta Style: How Loc prefers to shoot his guns.

  • Genius Ditz: Yes, Loc Dog is an idiot, but when it comes to guns, or baking cakes, he has no peer.

  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: Loc Dog. His fool proof way to get a woman's number is to demand it from her at gunpoint.

  • Historical In-Joke: The Man's list includes Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, O. J. Simpson, and Tupac Shakur, all of them black people whose troubles with the law are thought to be The Man really putting them down for being black.

  • Hood Film: The film is a parody of the genre. Ashtray is left by his mother to live with his estranged father (who is literally younger than him) in the hood. While hanging out with his crazy cousin Loc Dog and their friends, he quickly gets caught up in violence and crime.

  • Hypocritical Humor: Preach lambasts Ashtray and Loc Dog for using "nigga" in their vernacular, arguing that it demeans their entire race. Immediately after this he asks them to remind him that he still needs to pick up his laundry from "that chink motherfucker up the street".

  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: A lot of the characters have bad aim. Best example is Loc Dog, who has a pistol with a scope and a laser point yet he doesn't hit anyone when he shoots (he only manages to graze one of the store clerks).

  • In the Local Tongue: Dashiki explains that her name is Swahili for "doggy-style."

  • Lock-and-Load Montage: Before the final act of the movie, Toothpick and his crew get into one of these first played straight, then for laughs with Toothpick getting out a slingshot, followed by one of them pumping a super soaker.

  • Long Title: Long enough that This Very Wiki's search function can't list the whole name in the results. The title is actually changed to Ghetto Blaster in some markets due to this.

  • Missing Mom: Spoofed at the beginning. Ashtray's mother shows up in one scene to drop him off at his father's house. She then abandons him permanently after this exchange: Ashtray: Will I see you again? Ashtray's mother: Sorry, baby. You know there ain't no positive black females in these movies.

  • More Dakka: Loc Dog's solution to any problem is to keep shooting at it.

  • Mythology Gag: A lot of the characters are played by actors from the parodied movies, including two actors from Menace II Society and one actor from Higher Learning who basically reprise their roles.

  • Never Mess with Granny: Loc Dog's grandmother single handedly foils the drive-by at the movie's climax.

  • N-Word Privileges: This IS a Wayans Brothers movies about people in South Central...

  • No Fourth Wall / Medium Awareness: The characters routinely acknowledge that they're in a hood movie, but are uninformed enough to try to take it seriously at times. Ashtray even has an over the top breakdown in Dashiki's house, causing her to ask:Dashiki: ...What are you doing?!Ashtray: Trying to win Best Actor at the Soul Train Awards.

  • Nuke 'em: The ultimate response Loc Dog has to the threat posed by Toothpick's cronies, a nuclear missile hidden in his mail truck.

  • Profiling: Parodied in the gas station scene. The Asian Store Owners consistently harass Ashtray and Loc Dog while they're frequenting their store, while completely ignoring the white customer who is robbing them blind in plain view of everyone. The start of the scene sets the tone nicely - the white customer enters to a generic chime, while Ashtray and Loc Dog's entry is somehow greeted with that same chime saying "niggas!"

  • Really Gets Around: Dashiki, the main love interest. She even points out that the only reason she even gives Ashtray the time of day is because she needs a "pussy-whipped fool" to take care of her seven children.

  • Real Men Wear Pink: Loc Dog is not afraid to wear bunny slippers in public, and he loves baking cakes.

  • Record Needle Scratch: After Toothpick's Prison Rape confession.

  • Running Gag: Several. Keenan Ivory Wayans plays a mailman who yells "MESSAGE!" whenever a character makes a profound statement.

  • The crackhead from Menace II Society appears, offering people blowjobs for just about anything, including directions.

  • Every time someone looks out on the street, someone is stealing something. This starts with an Ice Cream truck (a reference to Friday) and gets increasingly ridiculous from there.

  • Self-Deprecation: When Dashiki is introduced, Loc Dog (Marlon Wayans) warns Ashtray (Shawn Wayans) that she has more kids than Ms. Wayans.

  • Spoof Aesop: Parodying Doughboy's speech in Boyz n the Hood, and also Trey's father giving him a speech about drunk driving... about how much fun it is, anyway.

  • Trey admits he had unprotected sex with Dashiki, to which his father... congratulates him. "Never use condoms, son, they take away ALL the feeling!"

  • Switching P.O.V.: The first two narrators are gunned down shortly after the opening credits. Ashtray steps in to finish the story.

  • Title Drop: Used by Loc Dog near the end of the movie:Loc Dog: Either they don't know, don't show, or just don't care about being a menace to South Central while they drink they juice in the hood. Mailman: ... the fuck is he talkin' about!?

  • Threat Backfire: In one scene, a car full of gangsters threaten to shoot Loc Dog and Trey with guns and (when Dog shows he's got multiple pieces stored in his pants) an RPG-7 rocket launcher. Dog's response? Open the back of his truck, showing he's got a Soviet nuclear warhead stored in there, which he aims at the gangsters. The gangsters immediately skedaddle.Loc Dog: I SAID... do WE... HAVE... a... PROBLEM?! Get your stinky ass outta here before I cause a nuclear holocaust over here, fool!

  • Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000: Rodney's Ride. Uniquely, it's not teenage delinquents playing it, but Rabid Cops who love playing a game that celebrates Police Brutality.

  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: A hospital receptionist has a stick of gum, pen, and cup of water stored in her cleavage.

  • Wait Here: Reversed and spoofed where a minor character, a nerdy appearing DMV test examiner gives the protagonist Ashtray several seemingly straightforward instructions on where to turn and stop at. The examiner instructed Ashtray to "Wait here" in front of a bank he wanted to rob and menacingly threatens Ashtray at gunpoint to be the getaway driver after running out with the money!

  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: At the end, the epilogue reveals that Ashtray and Dashiki marry and enjoy their lives, Loc Dog becomes the host of Death Comedy Jam (a parody of Def Comedy Jam) and opens and closes the show with extreme profanity, Preach and his crush settle down together, Crazy Legs becomes a dancer as he had always dreamed, and Grandma is, as Ashtray puts it, "still Grandma" (showing her smoking cannabis).

Where da White Women At?: Exaggerated. The first girl that Preach decides to pursue (and ultimately ends up marrying/shacking up with) specifically because she's white is downright ugly, while ignoring the attractive black woman in front of her. Here's how Preach justifies his fetish for white women:<strong


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