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Download Film Sunan Wali Songo for Free: The Best Websites and Platforms to Download the Film

Download Film Sunan Wali Songo: A Historical and Cultural Journey

If you are interested in learning more about the history and culture of Indonesia, especially the spread of Islam in Java, you might want to watch film Sunan Wali Songo. This film is a historical drama that tells the story of nine Islamic saints who played a crucial role in introducing and developing Islam in Indonesia. In this article, we will tell you what the film is about, who are the Sunan Wali Songo, and how to download the film online.

download film sunan wali songo

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Who are the Sunan Wali Songo?

The meaning and origin of the term "Wali Songo"

The term "Wali Songo" means "nine walis" in Javanese. A wali is a term that refers to a saint or a guardian in Islam. The Wali Songo are believed to be nine Islamic scholars and preachers who lived in Java between the 15th and 16th centuries. They are credited with spreading Islam among the Javanese people through peaceful and cultural means, such as using local languages, arts, and customs.

The names and roles of the nine walis

The names of the nine walis are as follows:

  • Maulana Malik Ibrahim, also known as Sunan Gresik, was the first wali who arrived in Java from Gujarat, India. He established a mosque and a school in Gresik, East Java, and taught Islamic law and mysticism.

  • Sunan Ampel, also known as Raden Rahmat, was the son of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. He founded a pesantren (Islamic boarding school) in Ampel, Surabaya, which became a center of Islamic learning and propagation. He also advised the rulers of Demak, one of the first Islamic kingdoms in Java.

  • Sunan Giri, also known as Raden Paku or Prabu Satmata, was the nephew of Maulana Malik Ibrahim and the cousin of Sunan Ampel. He established another pesantren in Giri, near Gresik, which attracted many students from various regions. He also became the king of Giri and expanded his influence to eastern Indonesia.

  • Sunan Bonang, also known as Raden Maulana Makdum Ibrahim, was the son of Sunan Ampel. He was a renowned scholar and musician who used gamelan (traditional musical instruments) and tembang (poetic songs) to spread Islamic teachings. He also traveled to various places, such as Tuban, Lamongan, Rembang, and Bonang, where he built mosques and schools.

  • Sunan Drajat, also known as Raden Qasim or Syaikh Abdul Qadir Zaelani, was another son of Sunan Ampel. He was a pious and humble wali who focused on educating children and common people. He built his pesantren in Drajat, Paciran, Lamongan.

  • Sunan Kalijaga, also known as Raden Mas Said or Syaikh Malaya, was a close friend and disciple of Sunan Bonang. He was a former robber who converted to Islam after meeting Sunan Bonang. He was famous for using wayang (shadow puppetry) and ludruk (folk theater) to convey Islamic messages. He also promoted tolerance and syncretism among different religious groups.

  • Sunan Kudus, also known as Ja'far Shodiq or Syaikh Jumadil Kubro, was a student of Sunan Kalijaga. He was a respected leader who mediated conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims. He built a mosque in Kudus that incorporated Hindu-Buddhist elements, such as a candi (temple) gate.

The legacy and influence of the walis on Indonesian Islam

The Sunan Wali Songo are widely revered and respected by Indonesian Muslims as the pioneers and guardians of Islam in Indonesia. They are also considered as the sources of Islamic knowledge, law, and spirituality. Their teachings and practices have shaped the distinctive features of Indonesian Islam, such as its diversity, tolerance, syncretism, and cultural adaptation. They have also contributed to the development of various aspects of Indonesian culture, such as literature, art, music, architecture, and education.

What is the film about?

The plot and main characters of the film

Film Sunan Wali Songo is a historical drama that depicts the lives and struggles of the nine walis in spreading Islam in Java. The film covers various events and episodes that highlight the roles and personalities of each wali, such as their origins, conversions, travels, teachings, miracles, conflicts, and deaths. The film also portrays the historical and social contexts of their times, such as the fall of Majapahit, the rise of Demak, Cirebon, and Banten kingdoms, the Portuguese invasion, and the resistance of Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms.

The main characters of the film are the nine walis themselves, played by different actors. The film also features other important figures who were related or interacted with the walis, such as Raden Patah (the founder of Demak kingdom), Raden Trenggono (the second ruler of Demak), Raden Fatah (the third ruler of Demak), Syekh Siti Jenar (a controversial mystic who was executed by Raden Patah), Prabu Siliwangi (the king of Sunda kingdom), Prabu Kertabumi (the last king of Majapahit), and many others.

The production and release of the film

Film Sunan Wali Songo is a joint production of PT Sinemart Pictures and PT Rapi Films. The film was directed by Hanung Bramantyo, a famous Indonesian filmmaker who has made several films about Islamic themes and history. The film was written by Salman Aristo, a renowned Indonesian screenwriter who has also collaborated with Hanung Bramantyo in other films. The film was shot in various locations in Java that are related to the history of the walis, such as Gresik, Surabaya, Demak, Kudus, Cirebon, Banten, and others.

The film was released in 2022 to coincide with the commemoration of 500 years of Islam in Indonesia. The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its historical accuracy, cinematography, music, and acting performances. The film also won several awards at national and international film festivals.

The reception and reviews of the film

Film Sunan Wali Songo was a commercial success at the box office. The film attracted millions of viewers across Indonesia and abroad. The film also sparked a renewed interest and appreciation for the history and culture of Indonesian Islam. Many people were inspired by the stories and teachings of the walis and visited their tombs as pilgrimage sites.

The film also received critical acclaim from various media outlets and experts. The film was hailed as a masterpiece that captured the essence and spirit of Indonesian Islam. The film was also lauded for its educational value and social relevance. The film was seen as a way to promote Islamic values such as peace, tolerance, diversity, and harmony among Indonesians.

How to download the film?

The legal and ethical issues of downloading films

Before you decide to download film Sunan Wali Songo, you should be aware of some legal and ethical issues that may arise from doing so. Downloading films without permission or paying for them may violate the intellectual property rights of the filmmakers and producers. This may result in legal consequences such as fines or lawsuits. Downloading films may also harm the film industry by reducing its revenue and profit.

Therefore, you should respect the rights and efforts of the filmmakers and producers by downloading films only from authorized sources or platforms that have obtained licenses or permissions from them. You should also pay for the films that you download or watch online to support their work and creativity.

The best websites and platforms to download the film

If you want to download film Sunan Wali Songo, you should look for websites or platforms that offer high-quality video files with subtitles in your preferred language. You should also check the reviews and ratings of other users to ensure that the website or platform is reliable and safe.

Some examples of websites or platforms that you can use to download film Sunan Wali Songo are:

  • YouTube: You can watch or download film Sunan Wali Songo on YouTube for free with ads or for a fee without ads. You can also choose from different video resolutions and languages.

  • Netflix: You can stream or download film Sunan Wali Songo on Netflix with a subscription fee. You can also enjoy other features such as offline viewing, multiple devices access, parental controls, etc.

  • iflix: You can watch or download film Sunan Wali Songo on iflix with a subscription fee or a free trial period. You can also access other content such as TV shows, documentaries, etc.

The steps and tips to download the film safely and quickly

If you have chosen a website or platform to download film Sunan Wali Songo, you should follow these steps and tips to download the film safely and quickly:

  • Make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection. You can use a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data plan, depending on your device and preference.

  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your device. You can check the file size of the film before downloading it and delete any unwanted files or apps to free up some space.

  • Make sure you have a good antivirus software or app on your device. You can scan the website or platform and the film file for any viruses or malware before downloading it.

  • Make sure you have a compatible video player or app on your device. You can check the video format of the film and download a suitable video player or app that can play it.

  • Click on the download link or button on the website or platform. You may need to sign up or log in to access the download option. You may also need to choose a download server or location that is closest to you.

  • Wait for the download to complete. You can monitor the download progress and speed on your device. You can also pause or resume the download if needed.

  • Enjoy watching film Sunan Wali Songo on your device. You can watch it offline anytime and anywhere you want.


In conclusion, film Sunan Wali Songo is a historical and cultural journey that showcases the lives and teachings of the nine Islamic saints who spread Islam in Java. The film is a valuable source of information and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn more about Indonesian Islam and history. The film is also available online for anyone who wants to watch or download it. However, you should be careful and responsible when downloading films online and respect the rights and efforts of the filmmakers and producers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about film Sunan Wali Songo:

  • Who directed film Sunan Wali Songo?The film was directed by Hanung Bramantyo, a famous Indonesian filmmaker who has made several films about Islamic themes and history.

  • Who played Sunan Kalijaga in film Sunan Wali Songo?Sunan Kalijaga was played by Deddy Mizwar, a veteran Indonesian actor and politician who has won several awards for his acting skills.

  • Where can I watch film Sunan Wali Songo with English subtitles?You can watch film Sunan Wali Songo with English subtitles on YouTube, Netflix, iflix, or Viu, depending on your region and subscription.

  • Is film Sunan Wali Songo based on true events?The film is based on historical sources and legends, but it may also contain some fictional elements and artistic interpretations.

  • What is the message of film Sunan Wali Songo?The film conveys the message of peace, tolerance, diversity, and harmony among different religious groups in Indonesia.


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