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starwind hyperconverged appliance is a turnkey, entirely software-defined hyperconverged platform purpose-built for intensive virtualization workloads. bringing the desired performance and reducing downtime, the solution can be deployed by organizations with limited budgets and it team resources. also, it requires only one onsite node to deliver ha for your applications that make the solution even more cost-efficient.

starwind iscsi san v7.5 is one of the first solutions to create a datacentre storage option for vmware vsphere based on modern iscsi technology, effective at deploying iscsi san in the existing vmware infrastructure with minimal modifications. the model and any problem in utilizing iscsi san are the most flexible, versatile, and cost-effective variant of sans in the market. starwind iscsi san integrated vmware vsphere vmotion with iscsi target vmotion features: it allows to realize highly productive migration of virtual machines. all of the iscsi san iscsi target features are well-balanced with vmware vmotion requirements to deliver efficient and easy-to-understand migration and disaster recovery capabilities.

starwind native san free is a brand new free-of-cost cloud-based shared storage service that provides an inexpensive storage cloud service for your on-premises hypervisor server and as a plug-in for your on-premises or cloud vmware environment. it's a completely no-cost-of-the-best-of-breed shared storage solution with no vendor lock-in. starwind native san free offers unlimited sdn and unified infrastructure management (uim) and provides a single pane of glass for visibility into hypervisor, internal storage, and physical servers. starwind native san free is openstack-managed and interfaces with a variety of hypervisors with plugins for vmware and microsoft hyper-v. 3d9ccd7d82


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