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Customers using a smart phone to search for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram Sales, Service and Parts know the preferred Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer in East Tennessee should be Jason Lewis. Our Sparta Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealership has been in business since 1964. We sell new Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicles, high quality low cost used automobiles, and high quality pre-owned flat bed and cutaway HD trucks to our loyal customer base. See why our clients drive from Crossville, Cookeville, McMinnville, Lebanon, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Jamestown, Livingston, Algood and all of East Tennessee to buy a car here, and have it serviced as well.

Melody Smith, Social Studies teacher at Algood Middle School, coordinated a service learning grant to use towards helping homeless animals right here in the Upper Cumberland. Melody and a group of 6th grade students arrived today at Petco and purchased $500 worth of merchandise to help A.A.R.F. efforts to house, feed and rehabilitate homeless animals. While Melody and A.A.R.F. director, Jennifer Farley shopped for supplies, the young students volunteered their time socializing, walking and playing with the dogs currently available for adoption. The girls also created a beautiful poster board for A.A.R.F. to use at events. A.A.R.F. Thanks Melody and the students for thinking of A.A.R.F. and the homeless animals.

I have used Aenon many times and if there is some thing wrong they have always made it right. I was an insurance appraiser for 28 years and used them and they never failed to correct any thing that was wrong to me and shops I was dealing with.

Please remember, you must have your construction stakes up showing where the house or mobile home will sit before you call for a new address. We try to assign the new address within 48 hours of the request.

Address - It is important to know where to send help to in an emergency, and the address of the emergency is key. In events where children do not know the address of a business or church, teach them the name of places they visit frequently.

Phone Number - Some emergencies require telecommunicators to call back and ask questions or help guide responders to the scene. In these situations, children should confirm the phone number where they can be called back.

Business owners should consider that if there are multiple entrances to their building, each entrance should be marked plainly on the outside of the door with a logo or business name, as well as a specific door number to allow responders to easily identify the closest entrance to the emergency.

The Texas man was cared for by Putnam County EMS and Cookeville Fire Department paramedics on the scene, where they regained a pulse after shocking him with the ambulance's defibrillator. What responders didn't know at the time was that the man was headed to East Tennessee to go camping with his wife and had been complaining of chest pain off and on throughout the day. He was transported to Cookeville Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and had 2 stints placed to correct the blockages in his heart.

Fall of 2019 was an exciting time for the R. J. Corman South Union Distribution Center in Woodburn, KY. This distribution center primarily handles large coils of steel and aluminum, but the operations there are expanding for a new endeavor that will include softwood transloading, warehousing...

The R. J. Corman Railroad Group national headquarters is located in Central Kentucky in the City of Nicholasville. There are 73 strategically placed field offices in 23 different states across the US. Use the map to discover more about our locations.

I have thought numbers of times we boyswere shot all to pieces wen those big five and nine inchcannons were falling around us, although some of us havecome here to fight for our country that will neverreturn. I have seen some of my best friends shot downbeside me but was not allowed to touch them, that lookshard but we had it to do.

I hear from some of the boys overthere. They say they are having a good time and enjoyinglife. They say it is a nice country. I hope to be overthere by the last of September. I know old glory isfloating high but I hope she will wave higher by and by.

Am now going to attempt to write you afew lines, should have written you before, but hope youwill forgive me this time as we can only write twice aweek; so here your letter comes for this time, will writeagain next week. Am feeling fine, so do not worry aboutme. Hope you received my other letters all o.k.

I am sending you a few lines to informyou that your son and others belonging to your countrylanded in Driffield on the 12th of April. Theytell me that they expected to go into France. Your son isstaying at my house. He tells me you are a farmer. Well,my father farmed 1800 acres of land about five miles fromhere. He was the largest farmer in Easy Yorkshire at thattime. We had four yokes of oxen when I was a boy. Thereare none here now. Indeed I believe they were the lastused, and that was 62 years ago, a long time to go backto.

This leaves all the boys over here allright and having some time. We have been to a partytonight and had American girls to entertain us, and thatis the most of our pleasure. But there is one thing wewill have, a good time when we get home.

When leaving his home for Camp Sevierhis mother was asking him to accept Jesus as his Saviorand prepare for the future. He said "mother if youknew the promises I have made to Autie (Miss Autie Smith,a lady he had kept company with for about seven years)you would think there was no use of anyone else talkingto me. I mean to live and die by the promises I have madeto her."

We are way ahead of them in every thingbut roads but it will take two hundred years in Americato ever have the roads they have here. All the roads arelined with trees. You can look across the country formiles and tell where all the roads are by seeing astraight line of trees.

We are having a nice time out here.Guess you farmers back there are preparing to make a bigcrop this year. But I think us soldiers are ahead of youall for we are preparing to get the Kaiser this year.

At last I have time to write a few lines, andfeel sure that I will have a few days rest. And it surewill be appreciated for we have been pretty busy for thepast two months. I would like to tell you all I have doneand where I have been but will have to wait until I comehome. I have spent quite a lot of time on the front andhave seen some pretty lively time, but have been lucky sofar. I only got a slight wound on the hand. We have hadtwo killed and several have been wounded, no doubt youhave seen their names in the casualty lists. I wroteEster a letter last night, I have received severalletters and cards from her.

I guess about all the boys are awayfrom Livingston now, those who are not in the army Iguess are away at work. It sure is dark and rainy heretonight and it sure gets cold every night. We have beenhaving frost for over a month. I think I would likeFrance fine in peace time as there sure is some prettycountry, some of the prettiest farming country I eversaw.

I am getting hungry, wish I could getinto the kitchen at home and get a few things I know arethere. As it is I will gnaw a hard-tack and think of whatI will do and how much I will eat when I do get homeagain.

The The forests here are also differentto those back east. The timber is all green in thelikeness of cedar or pine, with the exceptions of a fewspecimens. The trees are very tall and standing thinck onthe ground and there is a long swinging moss which growson the timber and underbrush, making the forest verydense. There are some large spruce trees here, only a fewof the big ones, to an acres some of the big logs are 8to 30 feet long containing about 9000 feet.

We are still having ideal weather whichis of course very enjoyable to all of us. We to date haveabout 300 new drafted white men, and most 3000 negroes ofwhich we are taking care of about 1/3 of the new negroesand they sure do keep things lively around here. All theOverton county boys I spoke about in my last letter havebeen transferred to various parts of the Camp, scatteringus entirely, and now Perry Windle is the only Overtoncounty boy left near me, he being with the Personneloffice, I think.

All the boys in Camp here seem to bejolly and gay, but most of them have great hopes ofreturning home this coming year, and of course we wouldbe glad to be at home with loved ones and friends, butall should be willing to do their bit.

The boys of our Camp had a ratherenjoyable evening in listening to one of Americas greatorators, Ex-President William howard Taft, discussing thewar with and from a European stand point receivingnumerous applauses from the mass of soldiers assembled atour new Theatre.

Several of we Overton county boys meetand talk daily which of course is a great pleasure. Thefollowing are now here in the Casual Detachment: FrankOakley and Joe Dillon in 23rd Co., IrvingHammons and Sid Smith in the 25th Co., WadeRay, Carl Mofield in 21st Co., Irving F.Dillon in 32nd Co. And I am sure that any ofthese boys would appreciate a word from any old friendthere in our county. With the exception of one they areall fine and dandy, he a bit homesick, ha ha! The boysare all faring fine, as for myself I have only drilledone day since in Camp, and am now clerk at Casualheadquarters long hours, but a bit more pleasant thandrilling, for me at least. 041b061a72


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