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Doki Doki Little Landlady Free

my boss was shocked by the appearance of his wife's lover. it was wonderful how miyuri and asou had the same bad habit as me. the doctor may be a hypocrite, but he wasn't quite able to stop himself from being a pervert. the doctor was excited from the long-awaited masturbation. he got out his penis and started stroking himself. it was likely that asou and the doctor would get caught if they continued. but the couple was too attracted to each other. while they were in the bedroom, the doctor couldn't resist going down the hall. his priority was not to get caught by his wife. at the last moment, he also escaped from the spy hole in his office. and on came the doctor's beloved cock between his legs.

doki doki little landlady

the horny doctor got out of the door and strode down the hallway. just as he reached the bedroom, asou came out with a candle. she was singing to her own body and felt like the sensual woman. the doctor felt a huge thrill from seeing her. it was only natural that he hugged her and kissed her. asou was happy from the pleasure of the man's attention.

though asou deeply enjoy the doctor's advance, this was not the end of things. they wanted to be alone as deeply as possible. the doctor still wanted to play with his favorite toy. the good-natured asou accepted the doctor's proposal.

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