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Hacking Etico: Curso De Metasploit Framework [MEGA]

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Hacking Etico: Curso De Metasploit Framework [MEGA]

hacking is an exciting and fast-growing field. there are many aspects to the cyber-security field such as penetration testing, reverse engineering, and ethical hacking. this course covers ethical hacking from beginner to expert, and even if you are a security expert, this course will show you a different perspective.

this course will teach you how to use tools and techniques to protect your computer from cyber attacks. you will learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking in this course, and how to test and monitor a network for potential security breaches.

crowdstrike is the leader in the ethical hacking industry, and has the most versatile and powerful hacking tools and exploit development kits. in this course, you will learn to exploit web application to gather information, scanning and mapping networks, gathering information from the network, and many other hacking techniques that you can apply in real world scenario. the ceh certification is a pioneer in setting a global standard for ethical hacking. the ec-council works to deliver only the latest technologies such as container technology, ott technology, and involves hands-on hacking challenges as well. the credential is trusted by many fortune 500 companies like cisco, ford motors, ibm, microsoft, verizon, citi bank, and more.

when you've completed the course, you'll be able to: learn to hack with python learn to hack multiple targets at once learn to utilize metasploit's framework learn to install and run a virtualbox learn to install and run kali linux learn to import and use port scanners learn to identify websites learn to convert domains to ip address learn to analyze and extract information learn to identify open ports learn how to save information learn to move around the compromised system learn to run files learn to import and use a different program learn to use python to automate and gain information learn how to hack databases learn to hack gmail learn how to start with penetration testing learn to use metasploit framework learn to use metasploit and python to connect to two hosts 3d9ccd7d82


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