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Review: Yoshimasa Electronic DSSF3 V5.2.0 - A Powerful Sound Analysis Software

Review: Yoshimasa Electronic DSSF3 V5.2.0 - A Powerful Sound Analysis Software

If you are looking for a software that can help you measure and analyze sound in various environments, you might want to check out Yoshimasa Electronic DSSF3 V5.2.0. This software is a combination of three components: Real-time Analyzer (RA), Sound Analyzer (SA), and Environmental noise Analyzer (EA). It can perform various functions such as spectrum analysis, sound level measurement, impulse response measurement, room acoustics analysis, sound quality evaluation, and more.

Yoshimasa Electronic DSSF3 V5.2.0 Incl. Emulator-R2R [deepstatus .rar

According to the official website[^1^], DSSF3 is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and requires a sound card with a sampling rate of at least 44.1 kHz. The software can be downloaded from the website and used without limitation for 30 days. After that, you need to purchase a license key to activate the software. The price ranges from $98 for the basic version to $330 for the full system version.

One of the features that makes DSSF3 stand out is its ability to measure sound in real time using a microphone or a line input. You can see the frequency spectrum, sound level, octave band analysis, and other parameters on the screen as you record or play back sound. You can also save the data as a WAV file or a text file for further analysis.

Another feature that is useful for sound engineers and acoustic consultants is the impulse response measurement function. This function allows you to measure the reverberation time, early decay time, clarity index, definition, and other acoustic characteristics of a room or a hall. You can also use this function to simulate different sound sources and listening positions in a virtual space.

DSSF3 also has a sound quality evaluation function that can help you assess the subjective impression of sound using various criteria such as loudness, sharpness, roughness, fluctuation strength, and more. You can also compare different sounds using a paired comparison method or a preference rating method.

In conclusion, Yoshimasa Electronic DSSF3 V5.2.0 is a comprehensive and versatile software that can meet various needs of sound analysis and measurement. It has a user-friendly interface and a rich set of functions that can help you perform various tasks related to sound. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, you might find this software useful and interesting.One of the components of DSSF3 is the environmental noise analyzer (EA). This component can help you measure and evaluate the noise level in various environments such as factories, offices, schools, hospitals, and more. You can use this component to measure the equivalent continuous sound level (Leq), the sound exposure level (SEL), the day-night average sound level (Ldn), and other noise indicators. You can also use this component to measure the frequency spectrum and the statistical distribution of noise.

The environmental noise analyzer can also help you perform noise mapping and noise prediction. You can use this function to create a noise map of a certain area using the measured data or the estimated data. You can also use this function to predict the noise level at a certain point or area using a sound propagation model. You can adjust various parameters such as the sound source characteristics, the ground conditions, the atmospheric conditions, and the barriers.

The environmental noise analyzer can help you comply with the noise regulations and standards in your country or region. You can use this component to check if the noise level in your environment meets the criteria set by the authorities. You can also use this component to generate reports and graphs that can support your noise assessment and management. e0e6b7cb5c


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