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Now it's time for Skype for Business and ZOOM. Both of them come with good features and support for multiple bitrates. Skype for Business doesn't include voice chat, which apparently makes it slightly less popular than Zoom, but it does have decent video conferencing for meetings and presentations. As for ZOOM, it's another high-quality solution, but the video quality seems to perform much better if it's used only for people-to-people chats.

That leaves just one interesting alternative: Apple's FaceTime. While it produced the lowest-quality video we tested, it's still respectable. We still like our way better.

Ultimately, the best solution is a combination of your choice. For the lowest possible quality settings, we recommend AnyMeeting, but if you need a higher resolution and your organization is open to a jump to a higher one, we'd say Netflix or Hulu are a great place to start. Alternatively, Skype for Business, ZOOM, and FaceTime can produce nice images at lower resolutions, with Skype for Business lacking voice chats. d2c66b5586


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