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[S1E10] The Truth

  • Kimberly prepares herself to meet the honor board for cheating at the Economics test. Ryan is fired from the Catullan, but Bela feels that she is done with the club's culture and decides to leave. Whitney struggles to find the courage to tell her affair with Dalton to her mother, who has come to Essex for a brief visit. Leighton feels guilty of her messy breakup with Alicia.Tropes featured in this episode: Amicable Exes: Kimberly and Nico, eventually. Nico allows her to take the papers and exams from Theta as a way to make amends.

  • Averted with Leighton and Alicia. While she isn't exactly mad, Alicia doesn't let Leighton into her room, and Leighton cries herself to sleep the night after.

  • Bad "Bad Acting": Canaan to Senator Chase when he lies about having sex with her daughter.

  • Bookends: There are a couple of nods towards the first episode. The girls once again have a Fashion-Shop Fashion Show at their dorm room.

  • Both the first and last episode have scenes set at a Wild Teen Party held by Theta Pi Delta.

  • Bela has a run-in with Eric on the college grounds. While in the first episode, their meeting ends awkwardly and sours her perception of the Catullan, this time they have a friendly chat about their future now that Bela has quit the Catullan, and it ends with them wishing luck to each other.

  • Kimberly again finds Leighton sulking out on her bed. In the first episode, it's mostly to establish the latter's ego, because she's depressed that her old friends are dumping her, and ends with her shooing away Kimberly. In this episode, it's a character growth moment as Leighton realizes just how she screwed up the things with Alicia, and finally comes out about her sexual orientation to a friend, ending with her and Kimberly hugging.

  • Cliffhanger: Kimberly is not expelled, but Essex cut her scholarship, meaning she has to pay her tuition if she wants to stay. Roll credits.

  • Coming-Out Story: Leighton finally admits to Kimberly that she's a lesbian, who's surprised but completely accepting and comforts her over how difficult it was.

  • Parents as People: Whitney struggles to tell the truth about the sex scandal to her mom because she fears she will be castigated for it. When the truth is revealed, Mrs. Chase says that she blames herself for being so strict to Whitney that she thought she had to hide things from her own mother.

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Bela decides to quit the Catullan because she can't stand the sexist attitudes that plague it. During the Anything But Clothes party later on, she learns that Evangeline and Jo have followed her out, as well.

  • Secret-Keeper: Leighton comes out to Kimberly, but isn't ready to do the same to Bela and Whitney.

  • Start My Own: Bela, Evangeline, and Jo decide to create a female-only comedy group following their exit from the Catullan.

  • Taking You with Me: Kimberly plans to steal the exams and papers from Nico's fraternity so she can expose the cheating culture at Theta. She's surprised when he lets her do it, mainly to make amends regarding their breakup.

[S1E10] The Truth

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Hunith makes Merlin promise not to reveal his magical abilities to anyone else. As they camp for the night, Arthur comes to join them. They reach the village and fight the raiders as they arrive. Kanen threatens the lives of everyone present, and orders his men to leave. Arthur tries to talk to the villagers but Merlin's old friend, William, objects. He is in favour of giving the raiders what they want so that no one will be killed. Arthur says that unless the local people fight, they will forever be at Kanen's mercy. The whole village rallies behind Arthur and William leaves furiously. Merlin tries to talk to William, who believes that Arthur is risking their lives for the sake of military glory. Merlin says that Arthur is his friend and would not put innocent people in danger; William replies that a real friend would have told Arthur about his use of magic. After they go to bed, Arthur asks why Merlin came to Camelot. Merlin cannot bring himself to tell the truth and just says that he wanted to find somewhere where he could belong.

Guinevere stands up to Arthur when he tells the women to leave before Kanen returns. He agrees that they should remain to defend their home, and gives a rousing speech to the villagers. Hunith privately expresses her fear of Arthur discovering Merlin's secret. Merlin reassures her that if Arthur is a true friend he will still accept Merlin. Arthur apologises to Gwen for not wanting the women to fight. She wants to say that she trusts Arthur, but stumbles over her words. Merlin tries to tell him the truth about his magic and is interrupted by Morgana, who informs them that the raiders have crossed the river. The raiders are lured into a trap (with the women setting fire to the fences, hemming them in while the men ambush them) and the villagers come out to fight. William returns and saves Merlin from being hit. As it looks like the village is losing the battle, Merlin uses his magic to create a strong whirlwind that sends the raiders fleeing.

Kanen remains and duels with Arthur, who runs him through with a sword. Arthur wants to know who used magic to bring the wind up. At this point Kanen uses his last moments to fire a crossbow in Arthur's direction. William pushes Arthur out of the way and is hit with the arrow. He is brought in to Merlin's house, where he confesses to being the sorcerer who conjured the whirlwind. Arthur leaves and William says that he wanted to give Merlin the chance to be the servant to a great king. He dies, and Merlin sobs over his body. Arthur believes that what Merlin meant to tell him was that William was a sorcerer. He is upset that Merlin didn't warn him about something so dangerous. Merlin says goodbye to his mother and prepares to return to Camelot. Echoing the Great Dragon's words, she states that he and Arthur are like two sides of the same coin. She assures him that one day, when the time is right, he can tell the truth at last.

Brief synopsis: When Jen K. writes an article exposing the underbelly of the Greek system at CRU, the Greeks are in an uproar. Rusty struggles with the decision to dump her, while the ZBZ house has a representative from nationals visit, determined to learn the truth. Meanwhile, Ashleigh throws herself at Calvin only to discover that he is gay. 041b061a72


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