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How Romans CAD V.9 2D Can Boost Your Footwear Design and Production

How Romans CAD V.9 2D Can Boost Your Footwear Design and Production

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile CAD software for the footwear industry, you should consider Romans CAD V.9 2D. This software allows you to create, edit, grade, and cut your patterns with precision and efficiency. You can also calculate your material consumption and labor costs with RCS SL, a module that integrates with RCS 2D. In this article, we will show you some of the benefits and features of Romans CAD V.9 2D and how it can help you improve your footwear design and production.

What is Romans CAD V.9 2D?

Romans CAD V.9 2D is a CAD software that specializes in pattern creation and 2D grading for the footwear industry. It is part of the Romans CAD SoftwareÂâ digital platform, which covers all stages of your 3D/2D/PDM development process. Romans CAD V.9 2D allows you to pick up the flattened designs created with RCS 3D, edit the 2D graphic data (pieces), grade the pattern plans in different sizes and widths. You can work with any type of shoe model (sport, city, man, woman, boots, etc.) and achieve exceptional quality of the geometric shapes, ensuring excellent quality cutting.

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What are the benefits of Romans CAD V.9 2D?

Romans CAD V.9 2D offers many benefits for your footwear design and production, such as:

  • Capitalizing on your know-how by creating and reusing standard patterns (automatic pattern-making; new pattern-making in less than two minutes from a house standard)

  • Being compatible with the different cutting machines on the market, allowing production plants to use any type of machine

  • Preparing the stitching chassis and providing an interface with sewing machines

  • Integrating the entire shoemakerâs know-how and turning development departments into genuine profit centers

  • Integrating with RCS DM, an ideal editing tool for your BOM

  • Integrating with RCS SL, a powerful tool for calculating your raw material consumption and labor costs

  • Working in Cloud mode, enabling you to create your 2D patterns remotely (subcontractors, freelances, off-site factory, etc.) and to calculate your per-model cost objectives from your European or American offices

How to get started with Romans CAD V.9 2D?

If you are interested in Romans CAD V.9 2D, you can request a demonstration from their website: You can also contact their sales teams and partners who will accompany you in your digital transformation, sharing the success achieved by numerous clients all over the world. Romans CAD V.9 2D is available in different versions and options to suit your technical requirements and budget:

  • RCS 2D Entry

  • RCS 2D Standard

  • RCS 2D Expert

  • RCS Tools/3D printing (option)

Romans CAD V.9 2D is a software that can boost your footwear design and production by providing you with a comprehensive and efficient solution for your pattern creation and 2D grading. It is compatible with other modules of the RCS platform that can enhance your digital development process. Don't hesitate to try it out and see how it can help you achieve your goals. 0efd9a6b88


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