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Vlas Karpov
Vlas Karpov

Arms Armour Of The Crusading Era, 1050-1350: ...

636 pp, small 4to (10" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w drawings. "This comprehensive and lavishly illustrated volume details the armies, arms and equipment of western and central European states, and their client kingdoms in the Middle East, in over three centuries of military development and continuous warfare. Covering a decisive period in world history, when Christendom, Islam and the Mongol world came into violent and sustained conflict, this definitive study pinpoints the evolving military sciences, technologies and practices of Europe in an era of revolutionary change. (C)ombines a vivid commentary with over 2,000 superbly detailed line drawings, based on years of research into archaeological evidence and an examination of the pictorial art of the period. With chapters on Portugal, France, Castile, Aragon, Ireland, England, the Holy Roman Empire, the Italian states and the Latin Kingdoms of the Outremer, amongst others, this is a valuable work of broad scope which captures the spirit of warfare in the crusading era." Minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor edge wear, very light edge wrinkling, some rubbing, very small dints on hinges.

Arms Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350: ...

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I am afraid that I feel myself to be largely"self-taught" where my own specialised field of research is concerned (medieval Islamic military technology, arms, armour, etc ). In a more general sense, and where my broader publications are concerned, I regard myself as a "historical journalist" whose primary motivation is to make otherwise obscure or academic subjects available to the widest possible readership. I am, in fact, an unashamed popularizer. 041b061a72


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