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Gabriel Rivera
Gabriel Rivera

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (sped Up)

I'm in love with the shape of youWe push and pull like a magnet doAlthough my heart is falling tooI'm in love with your bodyAnd last night you were in my roomAnd now my bedsheets smell like youEveryday discovering something brand newI'm in love with your body

ed sheeran - shape of you (sped up)

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Check itI've gotta tell you, I'm in love with your shapeYou said them other bruddas couldn't really juggle your weightAnd you were shy in the beginning, used to cover your faceYou got that sweet, sweet loving, I'm a sucker for cake

You got me looking at your shape, man, I've already wonTryna come and kill the game like my brother Teddy doneI ain't even tryna play it cool 'cuh this is bigger than my prideLet me multiply your lovin', then I hit you with divideAyy, check 041b061a72


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