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AISHLING FEELS THE LOVE AND TOPS THE CHARTS Rising country music star AISHLING RAFFERTY has hit the #1 spot on the iTunes country chart with her new single, DARLING, SAY YOU'LL LOVE ME WHEN I'M OLD. Taken from her forthcoming debut album which is scheduled to come our way later this year, the young singer from Knockshegowna in Tipperary celebrated her latest release last week by seeing it head straight to the top of the pack on the very same day, something the nineteen year old wasn't expecting...

"Not at all, no way [laughs]. I don't think that'll ever be me, expecting things like that to happen. The whole reason why I started singing in the first place is because I love it, and because I enjoy it so much. So whenever I record something and release it, the only thing that I'm really hoping for is that fans will love the song too, and enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it. That's what means literally everything to me, it really does. And then anything good that happens after that is just the loveliest bonus, that's how I look at it."

Produced by Peter Maher - one of the most in-demand producers on the Irish country scene - Aishling's version of a song made famous in previous incarnations by the legendary Foster & Allen, and the great John Hogan amongst others, showcases yet again why the last couple of years have seen her become one of Irish country's the most talked about young performers. With a voice that rings crystal-clear and which possesses a confidence that belies her still tender years, there's every chance that in the years to come this release will be looked back on as Aishling's coming-of-age moment as a name to be reckoned with in Irish country. Signs of that sense of sureness in her vocal ability were there in another of her recent singles, when she took on one of the standout - and already almost iconic - songs of contemporary Irish country, Derek Ryan's beautiful ballad, God's Plan. Also produced by Peter Maher, Aishling's version is easily as beautiful a testament to Ryan's songwriting prowess as you'll come across. It's only about a year ago since Aishing - now a student of Voice at the Irish World Academy - launched her debut album, a six-track collection entitled My Journey', at the Hibernian Inn in Nenagh. Speaking at the time about her decision to use her debut album as a way to raise funds for charity by donating 50% of all proceeds to the Irish Hospice Foundation, Aishling said, "We all know someone who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. By purchasing my cd, you are also supporting the Irish Hospice Foundation. I'm extremely grateful for all who have helped make this cd possible."

That collection features a choice of songs sure to excite any country fan, and at the rate Aishing's career is progressing, it's worth taking good care of your copy if you happened to get one at the time. There's a very good chance that what you have in your hands will prove to be a collector's item someday. My Journey gets off to a glorious start with New Moon Over My Shoulder, and closes with as much class as it opens, thanks to Aishling's aforementioned cover of Derek Ryan's God's Plan. My Journey also includes a breath-taking version of the Randy Travis classic, I Told You So. The last year or so has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone, and especially for those in the entertainment industry. But one thing we can all be thankful for is that artists like Aishling have continued to use their gifts to keep bringing us new music to enjoy, welcome moments of relief at a time in history when the reach of uncertainty and worry seems almost without end some days. But, end it someday will, and as sure as there was a world full of the joys of 'live' music before Covid 19, there will be a world overflowing with that same joy when this battle is won. And when that day comes, and artists can finally return to the stage, expect any show featuring Aishling Rafferty to sell-out in double-quick time.

So keep your eyes open and get your hands on those tickets when you can. Because, in what will still be the early days of her career, you'll have the pleasure of watching a young lady who has so much pure musical talent in her soul that she has the potential to go on lighting up stages at home and abroad for many, many years to come. Her new single implores, "Darling, say you'll love me when I'm old." Well, as far as country music fans are concerned, Aishling can rest easy on that score. She's destined to be feeling that love for a long, long time to come. ~ DARLING, SAY YOU'LL LOVE ME WHEN I'M OLD, the brand NEW single - and iTunes #1 - from AISHLING RAFFERTY is OUT NOW, available on all platforms and to request from radio. You can follow Aishling on Facebook and Instagram at Aishling Rafferty Music.

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