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Basic Television - Creeper

Combining pop sensibilities with a darker electronic edge, Basic Television is music to dance, cry and lose yourself to. Emerging from the shadows of NYC in the summer of 2020, their debut, 'ONE', sets the stage for what's to come.

With a sound that owes as much to the synth-driven energy of Depeche Mode as it does to the power of NIN and the modern pop sounds of CHVRCHES or Phantogram, Basic Television is the new vanguard of dark electronic pop music.

Hailing from NYC and London respectively, multi-instrumentalist vocalists/producers Roma and Suzie met in the dark caverns of the internet. United by their previous experiences in the US and European alternative music scenes and a shared love of electronic music, Basic Television was born. Jason Crawford swiftly completed the line-up, bringing his extensive experience as a drummer in the NYC hardcore scene and his ethereal electronic production chops to the mix. 'ONE', was produced and written on laptops in a grimy Brooklyn studio during one sweltering New York summer, and mastered in the UK by Tim Turan (Marilyn Manson, Gary Numan, Cypress Hill). On lockdown in the midst of a global pandemic, the trio have no shortage of inspiration for new material – an unforeseen reality ushering in the beginnings of something new...

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