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GOOD PREMONITION Gionathan & N.Ri (feat. Chris J. Sandra & Martin Basile)

The new single by Gionathan is out today.

GOOD PREMONITION is the third consecutive in English release for the Italian singer, songwriter and producer after I FEEL THE GROOVE and MARY DID YOU KNOW. The song come out with N.Ri, a talented young producer on his recording debut and with the features of Martin Basile (the rapper already seen at X-Factor Italy) and Chris J. Sandra, one of the most promising emerging artists of the Italian urban scene. GOOD PREMONITION is a funky neo-soul track with an international sound, a sexy slow jam that bring us into a spy-story, in the moment when James Bond meets his bond-girl. No matter in which place and in which atmosphere, this song caresses the well-being in a wonderful way.

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Thái Hoàng Đinh
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