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Listen To The Quite Great Radio Show

The Quite Great Radio Show is a weekly show syndicated around the world, allowing you to get your music on the radio heard from Manchester to Sydney; Ireland to California and Holland to Alaska…no, really! You can be featured on the Quite Great Radio Show whether you’re a classical pianist, Afrobeat artist, extreme metal band or folk singer. Played on over 120 stations worldwide (and counting!), including platforms such as the BBC World Service, Alexa, Spotify and Stitcher, we can get your music on the radio straight away and know that your campaign is off to a flying start!

Findlay Brown - When I'm With You

Uwe Banton - What Kind Of World

Khalia - Free

Billy Mick - The Tourist

Micka Pandera - Alive

Abraham Trai - The One

Beatsbybeji - Get By

Inhibit -Shame On Humans

WaveWulf - Streets of My Town

James Gilroy Kane - Man On The Edge

Vix20 - Broken Melody

Killing Kenny - We Stand Together

Simon Collins - Becoming Human

Elton John - Love Me Again

Brendon Peacock - Morning Shot

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