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Not Now Norman Release New Track, ‘Little Frankenstein’ (The Franken-Lee Remix)

Influenced by an eclectic range of bands including Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Foo Fighters, Ozzy Osbourne and The Pretty Reckless, Not Now Norman write about the dark sides of society, with raw sounds, a rebellious attitude and punchy riffs.

Their renowned track, ‘Little Frankenstein’ has been remixed and mastered and comes back in full force. With its sassy, blunt and in-your-face attitude, this new mix has been well and truly Frankenstein’ed by Ally Lee of Mills Studios.

The single speaks about lead singer Taylor’s rare bone disorder, which she calls Hereditary Multiple Exostoses, and her determination to succeed regardless. Its new sound symbolises a rebirth for the band both personally and professionally.

Recent accolades for Not Now Norman include a slot in NE Volume Magazine’s Top 10 Acts to See Live in 2021, winning third place in Artist of the Year Award on Nova Radio – and five of their tracks have been played on BBC Introducing in the North East in the space of just three months.

‘Little Frankenstein - [The Franken-Lee Remix]’ will be available on Thursday 21st January on all major music streaming platforms.

Available to on SoundCloud here:

For further information about the single, please head to:

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