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Stefan Elefteriu Releases Quantum Gates, An Odyssey Through Time, Space and Musical Genres

"Twelve portals open to twelve different worlds awaiting discovery through imagination, fantasy and feelings... Go beyond the Quantum Gates and, with each re-listening, you will perceive new territories of musical expression. Let the evolution and permanent dialogue of the melodic lines - based on symphonic counterpoint - take you through a new multidimensional sound universe." -- STEFAN ELEFTERIU

Quantum Gates is the latest album by Stefan Eleferiu, the culmination of a journey which has seen him go from building his own synthesisers in Communist Romania to scoring a science fiction film to the creation of a new album which combines his skills as a classical composer, keyboard-player, violinist and cinematic story-teller. A work of huge complexity, intelligence and imagination, Quantum Gates is a truly immersive experience with classical, rock and electronic elements fusing perfectly.

Listen to Quantum Gates here:

Considered ‘subversive music’, Western music was officially banned in Communist Romania under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the country and era Stefan Elefteriu grew up in. With rock music in particular considered to promote non-conformity, the music Stefan had resorted to buying on vinyl and tape on the black market was difficult to obtain and dangerous to be affiliated to. Nevertheless, his passion for rock and electronic music, as well as his classical conservatoire training which lead to a career as a violinist at the Romanian National Opera, fuelled his desire to create his own electro-rock vision. His determination to achieve this led Stefan to build his own synthesiser by reverse-engineering the blueprint of a friend’s Korg MS-10, as well as an electric violin – a tribute to one of his avant-garde heroes, Jean-Luc Ponty. This extraordinary undertaking is symptomatic of Stefan’s drive for perfection, seeing him employ his skills both technical – in electronic engineering – and as a composer to create music which has genuine truth and which invites listeners to join him on his symphonic voyages of exploration.

Stefan in the 1980s in his almost-completely self-built studio

Having scored his first science fiction animation film, Son of the Stars, in the 1980s, Stefan’s passion for the genre continues to burn brightly, as evidenced on Quantum Gates. Bringing composition and the artistry of the musician to the fore, the album introduces each track as an ‘access gate’ to a parallel world within a multi-verse and touches upon the works of the likes of Vangelis; Pink Floyd; Enigma and Kraftwerk. Quantum Gates is an extraordinary album from the mind of an extraordinary composer and musician whose dedication to his craft goes beyond what many artists would ever dream of.

Album Tracks:

  1. Coming from Above

  2. Push the Beat

  3. Hold On

  4. Play of Shadows

  5. Visitor on the Timeline

  6. Flying Island

  7. Lonely Alien

  8. Blue Peaks

  9. Too High

  10. Between Two Worlds

  11. Quantum Gates

  12. The Change

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