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The Hengles - No Time For Tea (single)

A new year, a new look, a new sound, a new single! The Hengles continue their quest on the wings of Pop with the release of this new blockbuster called No Time For Tea. It’s massive, it’s solid, it’s melodic, it’s exciting, it’s Pop, it’s got all the ingredients that make up the sound of The Hengles! You can even dance to it!

The song contains many layers and hidden gems. So, hear for yourself! But whatever you do, remember, there is always time for No time For Tea!

In the past year, The Hengles have made considerable progress internationally. That resulted in airplay on radio in among others: Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, USA, UK, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Phillipines, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and Austria. Singles from the band also entered the iTunes / Apple Music charts in: Netherlands, Finland, Belgium and Switzerland.

The distinguished gentlemen of The Hengles have more than earned their musical spurs in the past. The guys from Amsterdam played in illustrious 80s and 90s bands like Fatal Flowers, Treble Spankers, Supersub and Jack Of Hearts.

No Time For Tea is out now!

Composer: Maarten Heijblok, Paul van Rijswijk, Erwin Wolters

ISRC: NL-C8O-21-00002

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