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TOBY & PIP - New Single - 'New Year

The story of ’New Year’

About the Song:

Husband and wife duo Toby & Pip have been a couple for over 11 years. At a friend’s wedding one New Year’s Eve, they realised they had shared that midnight moment together since they first met & they wanted to do so every year moving forward. This inspired ‘New Year’, a soulful & uplifting love song about always having an anchor - a special someone by your side to bring in each new year with. This festive anthem is a declaration that, despite everything that might be going on around them, they will always have each other.

About the Music Video:

The music video for ‘New Year’ is being filmed in London, Toby & Pip’s home town. It shows them journey to a New Year’s Eve gathering via some of the city’s iconic festive landmarks & then celebrate the end of the year with friends & family - with music, joy & laughter. It’s a feel-good video full of festive cheer, with the excitement that comes from seeing in another new year.


Toby & Pip are a London folk-pop duo who are also are a married couple. They have been making music together since they met ten years ago. Pip has a music degree & is a multi-instrumentalist & singer who took up the Ukulele when they went traveling after getting married. Toby has been writing songs & playing guitar since 2002 & as a solo singer-songwriter has released 3 EPs & played some of London’s best live music venues & shared the stage with great bands & artists likes The Dunwells, Tom Chaplin, & Philippa Hanna in the UK as well as The Brevet & several other up & coming bands in the US.

Over the years they have combined their musical talents & shared experiences to craft a unique & authentic sound filled with catchy melodies & beautiful harmonies. Their self-written songs are inspired by a mix of musical influences including Pip’s classical music background & upbringing as daughter of world-renowned classical composer Paul Patterson + Toby’s singer-songwriter experience as well as their shared love of cheesy pop, classic rock & folk music. Their thoughtful & passionate songs have moved & inspired audiences both online & live in concert & stuck in the head of many listeners!

‘New Year’ is their third single.

About the Recording:

The song was written & recorded by Toby & Pip with good friend (+ legendary jazz artist) Anthony Strong producing the song, providing piano & other instrumentation & arrangements.

It was recorded & produced in London & is self-released under their own label Peaches Records.

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @TobyPip

Twitter: @TobyAndPip

TikTok: @TobyAndPip

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