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Rina Khatun
Jul 14, 2022
In Music Forum
It turns out that in these times one of the most C Level Contact List important parameters to measure the success or failure of a government is the question of how the country is managed during the pandemic. Intelligent political leadership does not make this a C Level Contact List contradiction. Therefore, we need a balance between short-term, purely national interests, and medium-term global interests, which, if viewed correctly, are also national interests. Will the vaccine, as a C Level Contact List lubricant of global alliances, pave the way for a new world order? Which countries are likely to benefit from this? I think that's an exaggeration. Rather, I see the problem in the long term, due to the C Level Contact List fact that in the future international solidarity will appear to many as a luxury good. In the coming years, the famous "duties beyond borders", obligations beyond one's own country, will C Level Contact List come under intense pressure. Each country is likely to deal as best it can with its own problems, and the idea of ​​international solidarity will come under intense pressure, so to speak. Presumably C Level Contact List this will manifest itself in decreased development aid budgets, cuts in international stabilization budgets, withdrawal of international peacekeeping missions, and cuts in defense budgets. Cosmopolitanism, How can it be guaranteed that international C Level Contact List organizations such as the United Nations Organization (UN) do not end up being victims of this geopolitical compulsiveness? Unfortunately, the UN is irrelevant at the moment. Although the Security C Level Contact List Council has met, it is paralyzed by the veto rights of China, Russia and the United States. There are some specialized agencies of the UN, such as the United Nations Development C Level Contact List Program or in the area of ​​humanitarian aid, which are quite effective. This also applies to the WHO, which continues to do a good job, but is simultaneously a victim of politics.
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Rina Khatun

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