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Daniel Fedoseev
Daniel Fedoseev

Chickenhare And The Hamster Of Darkness (2022) ...

In CHICKENHARE AND THE HAMSTER OF DARKNESS, a young hero who's half chicken and half hare dreams of being like his father, the great hare adventurer King Peter. The movie begins with King Peter (voiced by Brad Venable) telling Chickenhare (Jordan Tartakow) the story of when he found him. On a quest to find the hamster of darkness, Peter instead discovered an unusual baby left alone in a boat and adopted him. King Peter tells his son that what makes him different makes him special. But Chickenhare doesn't want to be different, he just wants to fit in. When his trickster uncle escapes from prison with a plan to overthrow King Peter, Chickenhare launches his own quest to be the first to finally find the hamster of darkness. Will a clumsy young hero and his two friends be enough to stop his uncle? Or will the trials be too much? As the action-packed story unfolds, viewers will see that sometimes what makes you different is what makes you special.

Chickenhare And The Hamster Of Darkness (2022) ...



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