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By 1861 the sharpening quarrels over property had begun to affect the balance of forces in the capital before allying with the Liberals. The rough language and growing disagreements between the two sides in the congressional elections of 1860 finally boiled to the surface on 1 November when the new federal cabinet (composed of Liberals) installed in Veracruz put pressure on Alatriste to resign as captain general in exchange for the entire position of federal military commander in southern Mexico. His nomination for the new position failed to pass the required congressional approval. Two days later, on 3 November, Alatriste issued a communiqu to his army in Xochitl-Tecolutl district, justifying his actions in Zacapoaxtla and accusing his political enemies of plotting against him. This news appeared to take Alatriste by surprise, as he evidently had no idea he was being attacked from the inside.41

His allegations against the rival faction were significant, and offered an example of how Alatriste projected his own motives into the minds of his political enemies. At first, these accusations were based on a perception of a conspiracy between the dark-skinned, indigenous Avila and the local politico Ramos. According to him, the first step in the conspiracy was Ramos's conspiracy against an indigenous "superior officer" who had fired him from his post as treasurer. Once they had revenge they imposed martial law and turned against the "white man" (tolano), with the goal of taking him "over". Alatriste also revealed his reasons for thinking that there was a conspiracy to regain possession of Manzanilla: he stated that when he had requested that the Supreme Court in Mexico City rule on the legality of municipal land titles in these lands, Avila and Ramos had offered to assist.44

The fact that Alatriste's accusations included politically threatening language is perhaps not surprising. He had grown up among the long-standing tensions between the indigenous Guadalupanos and the country's oligarchy and he had the opportunity to experience this tension personally. Therefore his suspicions of treason would not be a surprise. Nor would it be a surprise at all that it was his second in command, General Carmona, assigned to defend him. d2c66b5586


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