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White Eight [v0.1.0 Public] By S.O.U.L. Games ((FREE))

In late 2019[12] after years of having its development be focused on and around the Steam platform and games without itself being an official part of the platform, Special K was submitted and approved for publication on Steam. This change opened up possibilities for more advanced features that leveraged the Steam platform, and development of Special K transitioned over to using Steam as the delivery method for updates and development branches. A new frontend called Special K Injection Frontend (SKIF) began development to serve as such on Steam, and the legacy Special K Install Manager (SKIM) was officially seen as obsolete.

White Eight [v0.1.0 Public] By S.O.U.L. Games

Special K Injection Frontend (SKIF) is the new frontend developed along with the Steam distributed version of Special K and is used to manage the local Special K install. Features includes toggling global injection, disable individual games, or change the whitelist or blacklist for non-Steam games. As the tool is still under constant development in 2020 it often sees new features or functionality arrive monthly. As of August 2020 following the delisting of Special K on Steam the focus for the tool changed to become a cross-platform solution and is now provided through the Special K forums.

In part due to Elysium, Rean somehow regained traits similar to those when he was the Sacrifice, mostly some of his hair being white and his left eye turning yellow. While investigating the Supreme Leader, Rean also came upon a simulacrum of himself that resembled him if Ishmelga had fully taken over, who operated Zoa-Gilstein, the eighth Divine Knight. The encounter with his copy allowed him to realize the true essence of the enemy, and he worked with both Lloyd and Rufus' teams to resolve the situation.

In the Metaverse, Morgana is an anthropomorphic and biped tuxedo cat-like creature with a large spheroidal head. His design and proportions are reminiscent of a mascot character, as his entire body is the same height as his head.[7] His fur is predominantly black, except on his limbs and tail which appear white. The bottom front half of his face or his mouth is also white. In spite of this, Morgana is referred to as a "black cat." The only exceptions are in later portrayals of the series, such as in Royal, where Kunikazu Okumura's Shadow refers to him as a "black-and-white" thing.

In Persona 5 Royal, Morgana temporarily attains the form of a human. He has sleek dark blue hair with side-swept bangs and blue eyes. He wears a gray jacket over a dark beige scoop neck shirt, alongside a thin yellow necklace. In addition, he wears white jeans with a black belt and black sneakers with white shoelaces, soles and toe caps. He's roughly the protagonist's height. 041b061a72


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