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Dnub At1 Drivers

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as a result of this, the fia has developed a system that will be utilised during the remainder of the season, with the goal of ensuring that each driver completes the race weekend without any new injuries.

each vehicle shall be equipped with an aerodynamic sensor, including a camera, which will capture the data required for a driver safety analysis, which may lead to the deployment of safety devices and exclusion from the race.

drs will be deactivated until the final session of a race weekend, at which time drivers will not be able to activate drs with the exception of the situation described above. drivers should ensure that each drs deployment includes full stops to allow drivers to relax and assess their position.

we have been told that drivers are allowed to run their race simulation once before the race weekend and again at the end of the race. this will allow a driver or team to assess and prepare for a new situation on an unfamiliar track.

we are pleased to confirm that we will no longer be enforcing the mandatory fitness to drive medical protocol. this procedure is no longer required as a result of all events involving the safety of drivers being under the sole purview of the fia medical delegate during the race weekend.

it is the driver's responsibility to ensure they will be allowed to complete the race, and the team's responsibility to ensure a safe and reliable race strategy. the start procedure will be as per usual procedure for the race. a driver or team may use the drs system provided they are adhering to the criteria. 3d9ccd7d82


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