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Galaxy Gf 210 PCI-e Driver 16

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Galaxy Gf 210 PCI-e Driver 16

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I have an old hp pro which i bought a Radeon hd 7470 for to help with basic gaming and YouTube. when i installed it it was on 100% fan all the time, didnt give a video output and wont be detected in device manager. i have installed the hp support software (which didnt help at all), manually updated the bios, installed the amd gpu patch driver and the official hd 7470 graphics driver and even manually cleaned the pcie connector and port but so far have had no luck getting it working.

The only practical choice for a gaming box is Windows. The various flavors of Linux and other OSes will run well on these boxes, but face it: PC gaming is a Windows thing. XP Professional is going the way of the dodo, but that's okay as Vista runs games just fine. To take full advantage of your 4GB of memory, we recommend the 64-bit versions, which seem to be as solid on drivers as the 32-bit version.


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