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Vivah In Hindi 720p

Vivah, (also spelled as "Vivah" or "Vivah"), also called a doli, (Sanskrit:divortium), is a ceremony that is the beginning of a Hindu married life. It is performed on a Hindu wedding day.The term vivah is also used for the Hindu wedding itself, and may refer to a series of ceremonies connected with the wedding day, or to the entire event (in later usage), including the marriage, the marriage-related rituals, and the celebration of the wedding by family and friends.

Vivah in hindi 720p

s) is the Sanskrit word used to denote various Hindu weddings, including a Hindu groom marrying a Hindu or non-Hindu woman; 2. is the Sanskrit word for the physical marriage ceremony, which may also include other ceremonies pertaining to the married life; 3. (also spelled as doli) The Western term "divorce" or "separation" is not adequate to describe what a vivah is. The law governing marriage in India has long required that if the marriage be dissolved, there should be a "divorce" or "separation" ceremony (such as the vivah) where one of the spouses formally gives up their right to the other spouse and transfers their right to any further maintenance or support. The "divorce" or "separation" does not mean that the spouses will no longer live together; in fact it often permits them to continue living together, but with a formal breakdown in the relationship. The "divorce" or "separation" is a legal event, and does not necessarily signify an "ending" of the relationship between the spouses. The two may, at some future date, attempt to form another, "formal" or "permanent" relationship, even though the relationship has "broken down".


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