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Mario Coin Sound - Sound Effect (HD)

Mario coin sounds are a great choice to use as a notification tone for text messages on your mobile phone. The coin sound effect is iconic and instantly recognizable, using a Mario coin ringtone can show everyone how big of a Nintendo fan you are!

Mario Coin Sound - Sound Effect (HD)

But Nintendo goes further in protecting the plumber. Recently, Nintendo in Japan applied to register the chime that you hear when Mario collects a coin. This is because Japan recently allowed sounds to be registered as trademarks.

In the EU, it has been possible to register a sound as a trademark for some time. Because European trademark law stipulated that a trademark could only be registered if it could be graphically presented, sound trademarks in the EU were submitted in the form of a staff or a phonogram.

Back in 2016, Nintendo submitted an application to trademark the famous sound effect after it was being used without permission on youtube and other forms of social media. The fact it took 30 years from the game's invention until 2016 to trademark the famous sound effect is baffling, but what is even funnier is the fact that Nintendo had to submit a piece of written sheet music in order for their trademark application to be approved.

So, whilst content creators, podcasters and social media influencers will no longer be allowed to use audio recordings of the sound effect, at least they now know how to play it on the piano! It shouldn't take much practise to master it though, after all it is only 3 notes.

We have been unable to translate the section of Japanese writing in the top left corner, but from '(T2016-14590)' it would appear that Nintendo have trademarked the iconic sound effect until the year 14590. Trust Nintendo to go above and beyond.

News about Nintendo's application has resurfaced recently, leaving many bewildered by the fact it took so long to trademark, whilst others from The United States have pointed out that the iconic sound effect is widely used in petrol stations alongside the iconic SEGA Sonic Ring sound effect. Will we see SEGA make a similar move and jump to trademark their most famous sound?

In Super Mario 64, the red coin collection sound effect is actually a small snippet of the Bob-omb Battlefield theme that lines up perfectly with the song if the red coin is collected with precise timing. Here, the song is playing and the red coin is collected to line up with the music.

The song debuted in the 1982 album, Pac-Man Fever. The song was later released as a single in May 1982. The song is based the Donkey Kong arcade game and features many of the game's sound effects as well as some of the in-game music.

"Mario & Link" uses sound effects from various video games, including Mario games, and directly samples Peach's dialogue from the end of Super Mario 64. It begins with the lines: "Hello there, uh, it's Frank and this song is dedicated to Mario and Link due to their undying perseverance which I'm not sure I should do the same of... Mario's never getting some and Link's never getting some so why should princesses love me?"

The song "Birdo" off Horse the Band's third album, The Mechanical Hand is loosely based off Birdo, and features electronic 8-bit sounds with an electric guitar. The song's inspiration and real meaning is mostly about the vocalist's distaste for eggs, and his traumatic childhood.

KJ-52's Christian-themed rap song contains various game references and sound effects. KJ-52 raps about how "I was down to one life and I didn't have another / but now I'm super like the Mario Brothers."

"What It's Like in Japan" featured on the album "Very Tiny Songs", describes Japan (from where Mario was created) in a manner clearly modeled after a typical Super Mario Bros. level, featuring sound effects from the game and having its last line (That's what it's like when you go to Japan). The end is sung to the tune of Super Mario Bros.'s Game Over theme.

From the 2013 album "Brighter", the songs talks about why Mario should stop rescuing Princess Peach. Games and sub-series like Mario Kart, Dr. Mario and Super Mario Galaxy are mentioned as well. The coin sound effect is also used in some lines.

The song samples the underground and overworld song from Super Mario Bros. and various sound effects from the game, such as the jump, lose a life, jump, or sliding down the flag sound effects. It is never officially released due to the unlicensed use of the music, though it is an underground hit in 1999 and led to a deal by Rawkus Records.[3]

It's possible to collect more than 999 coins (for instance, grabbing the coins generated by Bowser's fire), at which point the coin counter gets forced back to 999. A bug in the Japanese version causes it to instead try to set the life counter to 999. Since the life counter is only 8 bits, this becomes -25, which is displayed as M25 in the game. (M is used in the place of a minus sign. This is also seen in the debug displays.) If you then try talking to Yoshi without entering a new course to reset the invisible coin counter, the game will lock up. He'll try to give you 100 total lives, but the game will continuously set Mario's life total to -25 each frame, and you'll be stuck on the roof with Yoshi while the "counting" sound effect continuously playing.

The only other difference was Mario's taunt when swinging Bowser far away ("Buh-bye!", rather than "So long, Kinga Bowser!", or just "Here we go!" in the original Japanese release), as Bowser is named Koopa in Japanese. The "Buh-bye!" clip is slowed down compared to the sound clip in the DS version and the first and second jump sounds are higher in pitch from their international counterparts.

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