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Unsecure v1.2: A Simple and Effective Way to Decrypt MS Office Documents

Unsecure v1.2: A Simple and Effective Tool for Cracking HTTP Authentication

HTTP authentication is a mechanism that allows web servers to restrict access to certain web resources by requiring users to provide a username and password. However, HTTP authentication can also be cracked by using tools that perform brute force attacks, such as Unsecure v1.2. In this article, we will explain what Unsecure v1.2 is, how it works, and how to use it safely and ethically.

Unsecure V1 2

What is Unsecure v1.2?

Unsecure v1.2 is a small and portable application that was developed by Juliam in 2001. It is designed to crack HTTP authentication on web servers by trying different combinations of usernames and passwords until it finds a valid one. It supports both basic and digest authentication methods, which are commonly used to protect web resources from unauthorized access.

Unsecure v1.2 works by sending HTTP requests to the target server with different credentials and analyzing the responses. If the server responds with a 401 Unauthorized status code, it means that the credentials are incorrect and the program tries another pair. If the server responds with a 200 OK status code, it means that the credentials are correct and the program displays them on the screen.

How to Use Unsecure v1.2?

To use Unsecure v1.2, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download Unsecure v1.2 from a reliable source. You can search online for websites or forums that provide links to download the program. However, be careful of malware or viruses that might infect your system.

  • Extract the program from the ZIP file using a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You should get a file with an EXE extension.

  • Run the program by double-clicking on it. You don't need to install it on your computer.

  • Select the authentication method that the server uses from the Auth Type drop-down menu. You can choose between Basic or Digest.

  • Enter the name of the file that contains the list of usernames in the User File field. You can use any text file that has one username per line.

  • Enter the name of the file that contains the list of passwords in the Pass File field. You can use any text file that has one password per line.

  • Click on Start to begin the cracking process. The program will show you the progress and status of each attempt.

  • If the program finds a valid credential pair, it will show you the username and password in green color.

  • Stop the program by clicking on Stop or closing the window.

What are the Risks and Ethics of Using Unsecure v1.2?

Using Unsecure v1.2 might seem like an easy and convenient way to access protected web resources, but it also comes with some risks and ethical issues. Here are some of them:


  • You might violate the terms and conditions of the web server and face legal consequences.

  • You might expose your system to malware or viruses that might harm your data or privacy.

  • You might trigger security alarms or alerts on the web server and get blocked or reported.

  • You might waste a lot of time and resources trying to crack a strong password or a secure authentication method.


  • You might infringe on the privacy and rights of the web server owner and users.

  • You might access sensitive or confidential information that you are not supposed to see or use.

  • You might cause damage or disruption to the web server or its services.

  • You might harm your reputation or credibility as a professional or ethical hacker.

What are Some Alternatives to Unsecure v1.2?

If you are not comfortable with using Unsecure v1.2, or if you want to try other tools that can help you crack HTTP authentication, you might want to look for some alternatives to Unsecure v1.2. Here are some options that you can consider:

  • Hydra: A powerful and popular tool that can perform brute force attacks on various protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SSH, Telnet, etc.

  • Nmap: A versatile and comprehensive tool that can perform network scanning, enumeration, vulnerability assessment, and more.

  • Metasploit: A framework that can help you exploit vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing on various systems and platforms.


In this article, we have shown you what Unsecure v1.2 is, how it works, and how to use it safely and ethically. We have also explained the risks and ethics of using Unsecure v1.2, and some alternatives that you can consider.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you in learning more about Unsecure v1.2. However, we do not encourage or endorse using illegal or unethical software in any way. We recommend that you respect the privacy and rights of web server owners and users, and use your skills for good purposes only. 4e3182286b


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