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Rent And Buy Furniture

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Rent And Buy Furniture

In the last 10 years, I've lived in Chicago, New York City, St. Louis, and Los Angeles, hopping from one apartment to the next in each of these four cities. Hunting for cheap, stylish furniture started as a fun adventure, but over the years, it's become such a nuisance.

In my early twenties, I'd scour the sidewalks for discarded shelves or coffee tables or to haggle for one-of-a-kind midcentury modern pieces on Craigslist. But the thrill of the hunt quickly wore off once I realized I'd also be on the hook for truck rental and hours spent reupholstering furniture.

When I moved to my first one-bedroom apartment, I hit my breaking point with cheap furniture. After spending hours assembling a dresser from Ikea, I realized that I've purchased and built this same exact $109 dresser six times already in previous apartments.

Now that I'm living alone for the first time, I wanted to splurge on a really nice couch. I didn't have $1,400 in cash to drop on the piece I wanted, plus I didn't want to commit to owning a huge piece of furniture just in case I wanted to move again. I also didn't want to go into credit card debt to furnish my apartment, as I know I tend to spend compulsively when I use credit cards.

I heard of furniture rental from my favorite interior design influencers, but I hesitated to try it for myself because the comments on social media were so spicy. Haters said things like, "Wow, who would spend that much money on a couch? Or even waste money on renting it?" or "This is a really stupid use of money, what a scam!!"

After doing more research, one common furniture rental perk sealed the deal for me: a rent-to-own option that allows you to buy the furniture at the end of the lease, using what you've already paid toward the rental fees toward the purchase price. You only have to pay the difference.

There were certain pieces that didn't make sense to rent, like my seventh-time's-a-charm Ikea dresser that fits perfectly inside my closet. I decided to rent furniture that made a bigger impact on the overall aesthetic of my space, like a couch and a bed frame.

Two wonderful delivery people came to my door two weeks later to assemble both items, and each piece is way sturdier than any of my haphazard Ikea builds. The convenience alone was worth it, but the flexibility of the rent-to-own option makes me feel at ease.

If I decide to move again, I don't need to worry about storing or selling my couch. I can just arrange for it to be picked up and end my lease. I could even switch up the decor of my house, without feeling guilty about wasting all of my old furniture.

The most important lesson I learned in the process is to spend money according to my needs and core values, instead of comparing myself to others. I'll happily listen to the haters hate on furniture rental from the comfort of my gorgeous couch.

Renting furniture allows customers to enjoy the benefits of quality furniture without a large upfront purchase price. Rather than investing in specific pieces for long-term use, furniture rental companies make it possible to change your style at any time, move to a new home without the hassle of loading heavy pieces, or rent-to-own items for a low monthly cost."}},"@type": "Question","name": "Who Should Use Furniture Rental Companies?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Furniture rental companies are beneficial for homeowners and realtors staging homes for sale, renters moving with short-term leases, military members who travel regularly, roommates, and any people who like to change their furniture's style often. These companies offer whole-home packages and pieces for specific rooms. They often allow renters to swap out their furniture easily and include pickup and delivery services.","@type": "Question","name": "What Types of Items Can You Rent From a Furniture Company?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Furniture rental companies offer home necessities like living room sets, b


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