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Jason Capital Make Women Want You

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This romantic comedy about love and steakos was made in 2002. As many of you know, the movie "Eπιτηρούντο" which means "They Watched" in English, won the Golden Lion for Best Foreign Film at the Venice Film Festival in 2002. It is about a very popular poet who has sex with many of his friends. Finally his girlfriend, who has been waiting for him, watches him in the act and tells his entire poetry class to go see him. This story is a great example of what is going on in modern Greece. First these kids go out to eat and then have sex, not always in that order.

This is the story of a young married couple that are trying to acclimate themselves to Greek life and modern-day middle class lifestyle, spending their first vacation at a deserted beach at the end of the island called "Paradise-Agia-Nitsa". "Nitsa" means small and scurvy which is a disease of the skin and bones. This couple has come from the big city and flies in an hour out of their home in Athens. They know nothing about the island except that it was once called "Robinson Crusoe Island". They stumble across a small harbor with a beautiful little fishing village of stone houses and olive trees and a beautiful landscape. The woman is a bit of a wimp so her husband leaves her in the sun and goes exploring. The woman is delighted by the new world she finds and has lots of wild adventures. The husband just has a stroke.

This is a film about girlfriends and bad sex. It is a story about three good couples trying to make love to three bad girlfriends. Probably the best film ever made about the real worst thing that can happen after a night of bad sex. Their seductresses have been ordered by their husbands to not sleep with them that night after which, their husbands either wake up pretending they have serious problems such as cancer or leave them for longer and longer periods of time. At the end of the film they end up meeting up for lunch, see their loved ones and they all sleep together, all on the same day, on the same table. d2c66b5586


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