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Arthur W. Upfield - Bony Series [1-11] (Mystery) EPUB.epub __EXCLUSIVE__

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Arthur W. Upfield: The Creator of Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte

Arthur W. Upfield was an English-Australian writer who became famous for his detective fiction novels featuring Detective Inspector Napoleon "Bony" Bonaparte, a biracial Aboriginal Australian police officer in the Queensland Police Force. Upfield wrote 29 novels in the Bony series, which are set in various locations across Australia and showcase the diverse landscapes, cultures and history of the country.

The first novel in the series, The Barrakee Mystery, was published in 1929 and introduced the character of Bony, who was based on a real-life tracker named Leon Wood whom Upfield had met during his travels in the outback. Bony is a highly intelligent and skilled detective who uses his knowledge of Aboriginal lore and his keen observation to solve complex and challenging cases. He often faces prejudice and discrimination from both white and black Australians because of his mixed heritage, but he also earns respect and admiration from many people he encounters.

The Bony series is considered to be one of the earliest examples of Australian crime fiction and has been praised for its realism, authenticity and originality. Upfield's novels also reflect his own experiences and interests as a traveller, explorer, geologist and naturalist. He was involved in several scientific expeditions and wrote articles for magazines such as Walkabout. He also witnessed some historical events that inspired his stories, such as the Murchison Murders in 1932, which he used as the basis for his novel The Sands of Windee.

Upfield's novels have been adapted for various media, including radio, television, film and comics. The most popular adaptation was the 1970s Australian television series Boney, starring James Laurenson as Bony. A 1990 telemovie and a 1992 spin-off TV series also featured the character, played by Cameron Daddo and Jon Blake respectively. Upfield's novels have been translated into many languages and have attracted a loyal fan base around the world.

If you are looking for a classic mystery series that will take you on a journey across Australia's vast and diverse land, you might want to check out Arthur W. Upfield's Bony series. Here are the first 11 titles in the series:

The Barrakee Mystery (1929)

The Sands of Windee (1931)

Wings Above the Diamantina (1936)

Murder Down Under (1937)

Winds of Evil (1937)

The Bone is Pointed (1938)

The Mystery of Swordfish Reef (1939)

No Footprints in the Bush (1940)

Death of a Swagman (1945)

The Devil's Steps (1946)

An Author Bites the Dust (1948)

One of the most distinctive features of Upfield's novels is his depiction of the Australian landscape and its influence on the characters and the plot. Upfield's descriptions of the outback are vivid and detailed, capturing its beauty, harshness and diversity. He also shows how the landscape shapes the culture and identity of the Aboriginal people, who have a deep connection and respect for the land. Bony often relies on his Aboriginal heritage and skills to survive and solve cases in the outback, where he feels more at home than in the cities.

Another aspect of Upfield's novels that has attracted attention and criticism is his portrayal of race relations in Australia. Upfield was sympathetic to the plight of the Aboriginal people and tried to challenge some of the stereotypes and prejudices that existed at his time. He also created a positive role model in Bony, who is proud of his Aboriginal ancestry and succeeds in a white-dominated society. However, some of Upfield's views and expressions are outdated and offensive by today's standards, and some of his novels contain racist language and attitudes that reflect the colonial mindset of his era.

Despite these flaws, Upfield's novels are still widely read and enjoyed by many fans of mystery and Australian literature. They offer a fascinating glimpse into Australia's past and present, as well as a thrilling and entertaining story w


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