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Vlas Karpov

The Sims 2 Crack Build Mode Working From Home

That because you have the base game with a no-CD cracked .exe. I never found a working crack able to use build mode, so you can play the game with the DVD inserted in the drive, in Daemon Tools or whatever you have. This happens only for base game. In case of Expansion Packs, no problems occurs if you crack the .exe if you want to play without CD-ROM.

the sims 2 crack build mode working from home

Activate cheat mode, shift+click on NPC Sims and make them controllable. You can have dozens of controllable sims in this way (useful if you want for example, to record a movie with dozens of dancing sims), best to do in a crowded apartment building, controllable sims does not mean they will not be added to your family. You cannot have more than 8 sims in a family (or 10 including pets)


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