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Sauces: Classical And Contemporary Sauce Making

Every good cook knows that a great sauce is one of the easiest ways to make an exemplary dish, and since its James Beard Award-winning first edition, James Peterson's compendium has remained the go-to reference for professionals and home cooks alike, with nearly 500 recipes and detailed explanations for such creations as Red Wine Pot Roast, Chicken with Tomatillo and Assorted Chile Sauces, and Chinese Ginger and Garlic-Flavored Vinaigrette. Reflecting today's movement toward lighter, fresher flavors and modern cooking methods, this edition also covers the classic sauces and techniques. Along with color photos that show many of these sauces at every step, the book also features an overview of sauce making from ancient times through the 21st century as well as a guide to the essential ingredients and tools.

Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making



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